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With this ebook you will learn about:
  • Transactions in Mexico: how many are made and where are they made?
  • What are the average payments by states.
  • The preferred means of payment by Mexicans.
  • How is the panorama of payments by states.
  • How the means of payment are coupled to the commercial customs of the market.

Learn how payments move in the Mexican market!

In Mexico the nature of monetary transactions is changing. The country has lived a few years of great banking transformation. According to the 20171 Digital Compass study, the level of banking in this country grew for the fifth consecutive year. In fact, they point out with astonishment that for the first time, since the study has been carried out, the number of banked is greater than that of the unbanked.
In this report we present data that show the new environment of payments at the national level in an understandable way, which will surely be useful for all those who seek to understand how the behavior of transactions in Mexico is.

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