Everything you need to know about Cordobesa

What is Cordobesa, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Cordobesa: an argentine payment solution for the digital age

Argentina has witnessed a significant transformation in its payment landscape, spurred by the growing prominence of e-commerce and digital payments. In this evolving financial landscape, Cordobesa, a credit card co-branded with MasterCard, has emerged as a notable payment solution. Let’s explore what Cordobesa is, how it works, why it is preferred by merchants and consumers, and how one can start accepting Cordobesa as a payment method.


What is Cordobesa?

Cordobesa is a payment method and solution that is co-branded with MasterCard, one of the world’s leading payment providers. It was created to cater to the evolving payment needs of consumers and merchants in Argentina. This credit card offers users a convenient and secure way to make transactions, both online and in physical stores. Cordobesa combines the advantages of a traditional credit card with the extensive acceptance network provided by MasterCard, making it a versatile payment option.

How does Cordobesa work?

Cordobesa works in a straightforward manner, similar to other credit cards. Cardholders are issued a physical card, which can be used for in-store purchases by swiping or inserting it into a card reader. Additionally, Cordobesa is designed to facilitate online transactions. Users can securely enter their card details on e-commerce websites, and the payment is processed via the MasterCard payment gateway. This ease of use has made Cordobesa a preferred choice for many Argentinians, as they embrace online shopping and digital payments.

Why do merchants and consumers use Cordobesa?

For Merchants: Cordobesa leverages MasterCard’s global network for broader customer acceptance, enhancing revenue potential. Its robust security features reduce fraud and chargeback risks, bolstering cost savings and customer trust. Offering credit card convenience aligns with the trend of e-commerce and digital payments, attracting and retaining customers.

For Consumers: Cordobesa offers versatility for shopping in physical stores and online, meeting changing retail dynamics. It provides rewards and benefits, such as cashback and discounts, enticing cardholders. Advanced security measures ensure safety for both online and offline transactions, enhancing consumer trust.

How can I start accepting Cordobesa?

Merchants can easily start accepting Cordobesa by partnering with a payment processor. This involves setting up a payment gateway to connect their online or point-of-sale systems to the Cordobesa network. Promoting Cordobesa to customers by prominently displaying the logo is crucial to encourage its use.

Cordobesa FAQs (4)

In which countries is Cordobesa used?

Cordobesa is primarily used in Argentina, where it has gained significant popularity as a payment method.

What are the benefits of using Cordobesa as a payment method?

Using Cordobesa offers several benefits, including broad acceptance, security features, rewards, and the flexibility to make purchases in both physical stores and online, making it a versatile and convenient payment option for both merchants and consumers.

Is it easy to use the Cordobesa service for online payments?

Yes, Cordobesa is designed to be user-friendly, and it’s relatively easy to use for online payments. Consumers can enter their card details on e-commerce websites, and merchants can set up Cordobesa as a payment method with the assistance of payment processors and payment gateways.

Are there any security measures in place when using Cordobesa for online transactions?

Yes, Cordobesa incorporates advanced security measures to protect cardholders during online transactions. These security features include authentication protocols and encryption, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and enhancing the safety of online payments.