Everything you need to know about FASTA

What is FASTA, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their
e-commerce store?

FASTA: instant credit access empowering online purchases in South Africa

In the dynamic landscape of the South African market, digital payment solutions have become integral to the fabric of commerce, transforming the way businesses and consumers engage in transactions. FASTA stands out as a key player in this space, providing instant access to credit that empowers customers to make seamless online purchases. As the South African market embraces the digital era, FASTA emerges as a catalyst for financial flexibility and convenience.


What is FASTA?

FASTA is a South African payment solution that revolutionizes the traditional credit access model. It offers instant credit to consumers, enabling them to make online purchases without the constraints of traditional financing methods. FASTA’s innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between consumers and the goods they desire, fostering a more accessible and efficient online shopping experience.



How does FASTA work?

FASTA operates as a user-friendly payment solution that provides instant credit to customers. Upon application and approval, users gain access to a credit facility that can be utilized for online purchases. The seamless integration of FASTA into e-commerce platforms allows customers to select it as a payment method during checkout. The approved credit amount is then applied to the transaction, offering a quick and efficient way for consumers to make purchases without the need for upfront payments.



Why do merchants and consumers use FASTA?

Merchants benefit from integrating FASTA as a payment method due to its ability to attract a broader customer base. The instant credit feature encourages impulse purchases and increases conversion rates. FASTA’s seamless integration into online stores provides an additional layer of convenience, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Consumers choose FASTA for its instant credit access, allowing them to make online purchases even if they may not have the funds readily available. The flexibility and convenience offered by FASTA contribute to a positive buying experience, empowering consumers to acquire desired products without the delay of traditional financing options.



How can I start accepting FASTA?

To start accepting FASTA, merchants need to register and integrate the FASTA payment gateway into their online platforms. FASTA typically provides comprehensive integration support to ensure a smooth connection. Once integrated, merchants can promote the availability of FASTA as a payment option, attracting customers seeking instant credit for their online purchases.


In which countries is FASTA used?

FASTA is primarily used in South Africa.

What are the benefits of using FASTA as a payment method?

The benefits of using FASTA as a payment method include instant credit access for consumers, fostering a more accessible online shopping experience. It encourages impulse purchases, increases conversion rates for merchants, and enhances the overall convenience of the online shopping process.

Is it easy to use the FASTA service for online payments?

The FASTA service for online payments is designed to be user-friendly, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both merchants and consumers.

Are there any security measures in place when FASTA for online transactions?

FASTA implements security measures for online transactions, ensuring the safety of sensitive financial information and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.