Financial prosperity barometer

Perceptions of prosperity in high-growth markets

Welcome to the world's first Financial Prosperity Barometer. This report proves what some may have suspected but never tested – that the concept of prosperity means something different to individuals across different markets. Throughout this report, we have unearthed the depths of these different views on  what it means to be prosperous and looked at how access to different financial services can impact them. As we realise the global impact our work has, we need to continually rise to the challenge of financial inclusion and education. Using the technology of today, and tomorrow, we can truly create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper.

Key findings

Markets overview

To uncover the link between perceptions of prosperity and access to financial services across high-growth markets globally, we have surveyed over 10,000 adult respondents across 18 markets within Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East, with an even split across gender and age.

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"At PayU, our vision is to create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper. Every day we endeavour to meet this ambitious vision.

Many different factors influence the way that people access and engage with financial services. This local market knowledge has always been a cornerstone to our strategy at PayU. We understand local economies, environments and societies, and we build technology that meets specific market needs.

We conducted this research project to uncover the ultimate impact that a world without financial borders can bring. Our approach is specifically designed to learn more about human behaviour and how differently people understand the term prosperity.

This is what this report is destined for. I hope you will join me on the journey."

Laurent Le Moal

Defining Prosperity


Prosperity is not just about wealth, but varies depending on region…

Access to Financial Services


Access to financial services is not equal, and it changes your expectations

The Link between Financial Services and Prosperity


Financial services and prosperity are clearly linked

Financial Services: the Practical and Emotional Benefits


Financial services with easily identifiable emotional benefits are more clearly linked with prosperity

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