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green ropes symbolizing financial inclusion through blockchain

Blockchain: Unlocking financial inclusion

Blockchain is helping to accelerate the shift towards digital payments.

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Black Friday Sale

Black Friday continues to boom in emerging markets

2020 again broke records for the American-born shopping holiday in many parts of the world.

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typewriter symbolizing storytelling and sharing personal stories in the workplace

Humans of PayU: Storytelling in the Workplace

Why we encouraged employees across PayU to share their personal stories.

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VAT free days in Colombia

VAT-free days accelerate Colombian e-commerce

Measuring Colombia's VAT-free days based on data from the PayU platform.

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PayU Fintech Alphabet - exploring the future of fintech

Being a successful entrepreneur

In our latest Fintech Alphabet, we meet four leaders who have recently joined the PayU family.

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employees highfive symbolizing employee engagement

Employee engagement during COVID-19

Keeping our PayUneers engaged and healthy as we all navigate the new normal.

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The fintech sector after COVID-19

What’s next for fintech after the pandemic?

As the world rebounds from COVID-19, fintech will be as relevant as ever.

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team working together symbolizing teamwork and becoming a PayUneer

Jumpstart your career, become a PayUneer

Want to join us in our mission to expand global financial access? Here's how to get started.

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paying online with card symbolizing the shift to e-commerce

Listen: COVID-19 and the shift to e-commerce

Over the past months, PayU has seen record numbers of new merchants coming online.

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PayU Fintech Alphabet - exploring the future of fintech

COVID-19’s impact on venture capital

Which sectors and markets are VCs looking at right now?

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stocks on phone and laptop symbolizing fintech innovation

Marrying fintech innovation with regulation

To shape the future of fintech, regulators and innovators must collaborate.

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person holding lightbulb symbolizing mobile payments boom

Inside Africa’s mobile payments boom

The smartphone revolution in Africa is driving a boom in e-commerce and mobile payments.

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