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What’s next for fintech after the pandemic?

As the world rebounds from COVID-19, fintech will be as relevant as ever.

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Jumpstart your career, become a PayUneer

Want to join us in our mission to expand global financial access? Here's how to get started.

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Listen: COVID-19 and the shift to e-commerce

Over the past months, PayU has seen record numbers of new merchants coming online.

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Marrying fintech innovation with regulation

To shape the future of fintech, regulators and innovators must collaborate.

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Inside Africa’s mobile payments boom

The smartphone revolution in Africa is driving a boom in e-commerce and mobile payments.

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karen nadasen

How the tech industry can foster better D&I

PayU's Karen Nadasen discusses Diversity & Inclusion in the global tech space.

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How COVID-19 is changing remittances

During the pandemic, digital remittances have been seen by many as a lifeline.

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Why it pays to think local for cross-border payments

PayU Hub helps merchants reach more customers by processing payments locally.

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Why you should offer more payment methods

Alternative payments help make your online shop more accessible to more people.

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Black Lives Matter Statement by Naspers CEO

"There is no place for racism in this world, and we must stand together to banish it."

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Is 2020 finally the year for blockchain?

So far fintech's next big thing has failed to live up to the hype. What's next?

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Bringing Talented Women Back Into the Workplace

How PayU is closing the gender gap with gender diversity initiatives tailored to local needs.

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