Optimize payments with our Patented Routing Engine

Our US-patented solution allows you to create custom routing rules that direct your payments to the most optimal processing location, while blocking unwanted transactions.

Everyday payment optimization made easy

When it comes to online payments, global businesses face a number of variables. Payment providers, market conditions, and payment approval rates vary widely across the globe.


These conditions can have a big impact on whether a payment is successful – which can have a big impact on e-commerce revenue. Even a small difference in payment approval rates might add up to tens of even hundreds of thousands of dollars when it comes to overall sales.


In order to get the most out of online payments, the role of the payment gateway is critical. Payment gateways are the central nervous system of the payments world, directing transactions to the appropriate acquirers and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for processing. Everything from scalability and client experience to payment approval rates are all affected by this essential behind-the-scenes procedure.



Smart routing geared toward the needs of your business

An intelligent routing capability is essential to the ability of the payment gateway to optimize payment traffic. That’s why the PayU Hub platform provides over 100 smart routing configurations to support your business goals.


Merchants have the ability to choose their preferred routing configuration, optimizing for lower fees, higher approval rates, or other custom criteria. Routing rules can be based on a variety of factors, including issuer, geographical area, transaction size, and more.


Because routing rules can be changed at any time, you can observe the impact on your revenue practically immediately.


Our solution stands out in the field and has recently received a US patent. You can read more about the patent here.

Advanced tools for optimizing payment traffic

From higher approval rates to lower transaction fees, see how PayU’s patented routing engine can help your bottom line.

Performance-driven routing rules 


PayU’s decision engine is purpose-built with the goal of facilitating dynamic routing, allowing businesses to create a more efficient payments infrastructure that can scale and adapt to market changes.

Whether you wish to maximize payment margins by routing transactions to processors with lower fees, block unwanted transactions to reduce the risk of fraud, or recover declined transactions using Instant Retry, Smart Routing from PayU puts you in full control of your entire digital payments infrastructure.

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