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Streamline and consolidate all aspects of your payment stack into one, customizable payment platform.


Through PayU’s global payment orchestration platform, merchants can boost sales through a single, direct connection to hundreds of local and global online payment methodsenabling sales in any market using one global solution for accepting and optimizing online payments.


In addition to industry-leading anti-fraud and payment security functions, PayU’s US-patented Smart Routing Engine and other payment optimization tools help merchants to boost revenue and e-commerce margins by capturing more conversions at checkout and increasing payment approval rates.


Whether you are an established global brand or emerging e-commerce leader, PayU is designed to help any merchant as your business scales up in size and complexity.


Read more below about the key features of our global platform – and get in touch with our team to see how payment orchestration can help your business to boost global e-commerce opportunities.

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PayU local payment preferences for maximized global approval rates

Why PayU?

Watch the video to see how PayU can help your business benefit from global reach as well as local expertise.

One payment solution for global expansion

Explore how PayU helps optimize global payments with merchant and customer-friendly features targeted to your company’s needs.
  • A comprehensive and all-encompassing API

    With PayU you have complete control over all areas of your payment stack thanks to our sophisticated API. Whether you need to manage your account, generate reports, analyze data, or just conduct an audit, it can all be done via a single user-friendly dashboard.

  • Industry-leading payment optimization and performance features

    Using KPI-led analytics and a performance-driven methodology supported by our US-patented Smart Routing Engine to optimize payment routing and Instant Retry Feature to manage false declines, you can ensure that your payments remain optimized – with the highest possible approval rates at the lowest possible fees.

  • Universal token vault

    Our universal token vault unites all token systems generated by your various payment methods into one single system, allowing you to compare performance using the same criteria. Reduce PCI scope and make payments more efficient with one global payment overview.

  • Maximum scalability for smooth business expansion

    Our scalable and incident-resistant global payment solution ensures that you are protected from market swings, while remaining flexible to evolving business priorities. PayU’s global platform will effortlessly adjust as your business grows and demands more, and it can easily handle peak periods without causing latency.

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