Culture at PayU

To move the needle on the large-scale changes we want to see, we are building and empowering internal culture to help us deliver in the present and prepare for the future.

PayU Principles

At PayU we aim to create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper. See how we bring our vision to life.

Our Values


Openness allows us to succeed globally across diverse markets and culture. We celebrate our differences, are receptive to new ideas and are empowered in everything we do.

We are accessible.
We think globally.
We listen deeply.
We embrace diversity.


Our integrity is the foundation of our decentralized business and is the heart of how we operate. It is what makes us credible in the eyes of our customers and regulators, ensuring we remain unique in a highly competitive environment.

We are authentic.
We do what we say.
We build trust.
We act fairly.


Collaboration is the glue that binds us and allows us to succeed. Together we are faster at driving change and more competitive in achieving our goals.

We are united.
We value each other.
We share knowledge.
We support one another.


Courage empowers us to transform our business, to take evaluated risks and learn from failure when it happens. Our courage allows us to drive change, innovate and disrupt the status quo.

We are bold.
We take risks.
We learn from failure.
We push the boundaries.


We all take ownership in the success of PayU because we act like entrepreneurs. By thinking big we deliver better work.

We are responsible.
We take initiative.
We stay focused.
We see things through.

Our values in the words of our PayUneers

PayU Wellness

The Uthrive Team

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