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Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) PayU Credit

BNPL: A win-win for consumers and online merchants

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is becoming an increasingly powerful part of the e-commerce landscape – particularly in emerging markets. From standard checkout options that give customers the ability to pay off their entire order within a fixed period, to installment payments spread over a longer duration, BNPL products help more consumers to access credit, while helping merchants to increase online sales and average order values.



Increasing financial inclusion

Buy Now Pay Later options offer a more consumer-friendly way to access credit when paying for online products – and can serve as a source of alternative credit to customers not covered by traditional financial products. By extending more payment flexibility to online shoppers, BNPL expands the affordability and accessibility of e-commerce, helping more people to participate in the digital economy.



Benefits for merchants

Merchants offering BNPL in select PayU markets benefit from increased sales due to improved conversions along with transaction values up to 10 times higher than for other payment methods. With a variety of secure repayment options, your customers feel more comfortable making bigger purchases online. Meanwhile, through the credit products offered by PayU and our partners, merchants are paid out at the time of purchase, eliminating any risk.

Credit solutions from PayU

PayU offers multiple consumer credit options tailored to the needs of emerging markets.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later

    Buy Now, Pay Later

    Through our partners in select markets, PayU’s platform offers options for full repayment within up to 45 days, as well as paying in monthly installments.

    PayU Credit Hub

    PayU Credit Hub

    PayU’s Credit Hub platform helps to extend BNPL repayment options to more customers by offering rejected applicants credit through alternative loan providers.

    Market-specific products

    Market-specific products

    Through our LazyPay brand in India, merchants can offer BNPL in more than 250 participating stores and apps.

How it works

Explore an example of how PayU’s credit solutions can help you reach more customers in emerging markets.