Life at PayU

Companies don’t do things. People do. That’s why…

We fuel entrepreneurial spirit

Start-up agility, global possibility. We don’t let hierarchy get in the way of talent. Accountability beats authority.

We act locally to build globally

We build on our local heritage and strengths to find global solutions that are reshaping the future of fintech.

We care about growing together

Our professional growth matters just much as our personal growth. We value career and life balance in our aim to uncover our full potential.

We mind our minds

We take mindfulness beyond the buzz. A holistic approach to health and wellbeing is our safety net for when times get rough.

We thrive on diversity and inclusion

Our table has as many unique seats as the individuals in our teams. Diversity and inclusion stem from our core values.

Current initiatives

Here are some of the main initiatives we are focused on internally to help PayUneers be at their best.
  • Health and Wellness

    We care deeply about our physical, mental and emotional health. We are constantly widening our safety net of support programs, community-building, and numerous other initiatives.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    We are not just diverse – we celebrate our diversity. We celebrate our true selves by including, accepting and supporting everyone.

True career stories

Have you ever asked yourself  how your career journey looks like as compared to how you’d want it to look like?


Join a few of our PayUneers sharing their true career stories.

Read our minds