Learning and Development at PayU

As a learning organization with our PayUneers at the heart of everything we do – Learning & Development plays a major role in PayU.

Learning & Development: our way of future-proofing our teams

The future of work depends on the ever-growing importance of L&D for employees and employers alike. At PayU, learning goes past being perceived as merely a retention perk; it is seen and acted upon as the key to our business operations. In today’s agile world of rapid transformation, we foster a culture of continuous learning, empowering our PayUneers and the entire organization to welcome and embrace change. Our continuous learning culture thrives on our main values, “ownership” and “courage,” as it takes the intrinsic drive and boldness to push boundaries – whether personal or representing the organizational status quo.


It is paramount for us to see our PayUneers empowered, encouraged, and inspired to contribute their best efforts to meet not only our goals as an organization but also their personal and career growth goals. We truly believe in the power of lifelong learning; we see it as part of our responsibility as an employer to provide top-notch training and learning opportunities. Via MyAcademy, our self-learning platform, we offer access to various courses. PayUneers can also upskill on more than ten prestigious e-learning partners such as Harvard Business Publishing, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, and others. Since staying motivated can be tough even for the most eager learners, we have embodied our supportive team spirit into mentorship programs and knowledge-sharing groups.


Keep reading to explore the Learning and Development opportunities at PayU.

PayU L&D overview

MyAcademy 2.0 via Degreed

Learning Reimagined

Choose from a wide range of courses on our self-learning portal, free to access for all employees. Experience interactive learning through gamification, social, and peer learning.

Motivation meets Accountability

Make the most of the courses and develop your skills. An essential part of being a PayUneer is being 100% informed on important matters, so some training sessions may be mandatory.

Only the Best for the Best

While Degreed’s AI solution ensures that you receive recommendations based on your skills, interests, and consumption, you can also access over ten prestigious e-learning partners to guarantee success.

Harvard Business Publishing

Harvard Manage Mentor includes 18 modules that address critical management, with each online module including practical advice and tools you need to succeed. The solution offers some interactive exercises that help you prepare for real-world challenges.


Learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities such as Yale, Michigan, Stanford and leading companies like Google and IBM. Prosus partnered with Coursera to provide focused, university-level training in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Cloud Software Development.


We partnered with Udacity to deliver the most comprehensive, project-focused learning. This is currently the most prestigious training we offer, and most of our graduates report accelerating their professional lives thanks to acquiring new real-life skills. We focus our training portfolio with Udacity on three areas: AI, Data Science, and Management.

AI is changing the way we do business

Our AI Learning Hub offers specially designed learning paths and tracks for all career choices.
  • AI translator

    This course helps you gain a practical understanding of AI and translate it into new business opportunities. The ‘translator’ in the name signifies that everyone who takes this course can connect the dots between the problem and the AI tech that can solve it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a growing part of our strategy. From image recognition to the ability to interpret text, AI and ML have advanced rapidly in recent years. As a data-rich business, we have the essential ingredient to make the most of their potential. Embracing Artificial Intelligence is a key learning priority for us. In addition to training our engineers and specialists in this field we need to create an environment where AI thrives.

  • AI for growth

    The AI for Growth course has been developed for senior leaders across Prosus and is now available in a condensed version online for everyone in the Group. You will learn how to leverage AI, sustainably and ethically, to accelerate growth in your business. This course is broken down into three parts:
    – State of AI: This part covers the state of the art and practice of AI, machine learning at Prosus, the data science workflow and AI trends.
    – Working with AI: This part demistifies AI and looks at the ways in which we can make AI work for us, across our businesses. We also dig deeper into workflows.
    – Organising with AI: This part focuses on how organisations can adapt to embrace AI, from hiring to learning. We also explore AI’s impact on societies in general.

  • Udacity Nanodegrees

    This is our university-level learning for buildung AI skills – a world class learning at your fingertips. We have divided the available courses into six schools and created Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced programs to ensure a suitable learning curve.
    – School of Artificial Intelligence
    – School of Data Science
    – School of Programming and Development
    – School of Cloud
    – School of Cybersecurity
    – School of Business

PayUneers on Learning and Development

Knowledge Sharing

PayU is a place for everyone – you don’t need to be a payments expert to thrive in PayU.
  • Payments Industry Demystified

    You can quickly boost your knowledge about the disruptive payments industry in our Payments Industry Demystified sessions and other training. Becoming familiar with the entities in the payment domain has never been easier – our payments masters explain it all on equal footing, so you feel well prepared. In a series of recorded online sessions called “Demystified for U,” you can understand the relations between the different parts of a payment entity, get insights into why some operations happen the way they do, and learn key industry terms and processes.

  • Now You Know

    Our “Now You Know” sessions take place regularly and aim at keeping everyone on the same page. In 30 minutes, PayUneers pitch new products and features, countries, and regions with their business expansion specifics to let the rest of the organization stay in the loop of exciting developments. These sessions are particularly helpful for the sales and marketing teams as they help improve our positioning.

  • Ushare Workplace Group

    Our Ushare Sessions are a space for knowledge and experience exchange, where we share everything that inspires and touches us. Topics such as resolving conflict and practicing assertiveness are tackled as often as deep dives into the fintech ecosystem of a specific country or blockchain and the future of digital payments. You want to join this group if you want access to all the past UShare episodes.