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Payment security for your online business

As e-commerce reaches new heights, global merchants need reliable payment solutions that thrive in the fast-changing digital environment. To meet the needs of an increasingly global e-commerce landscape, PayU is adopting the latest fraud prevention and identity technologies to help merchants provide a safe and secure shopping environment for customers in any location.


PayU’s approach to payment security leverages our status as a PCI Level 1-certified payment processor, combining industry-leading identity, fraud management, and AI-based tools to maintain frictionless payments while at the same time protecting merchants and their customers from risks in the digital payments sphere.


At the same time, our payment security tools manage and simplify the most essential of industry and regulatory compliance – providing merchants with the time, space, and peace of mind to focus on the more exciting aspects of international business growth.


Read on to learn more about our core payment security features, as well as some of the exciting technology we’re using to ensure safe and secure online transactions from anywhere in the world.

PayU payment security features overview

Helping merchants stay on top of payment industry requirements


When it comes to accepting online payments, there are important requirements which merchants must be aware of – particularly when increasing the volume of international transactions.

Without adequate safeguards, e-commerce can be a ripe environment for fraud and identity theft and for this reason, the payment industry and its regulators have established high standards for safeguarding customer data – as well as heavy penalties for those who do not take adequate precautions.

From PCI-DSS, an initiative of the credit card companies, to the European Union’s Strong Customer Authentication requirements and the 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, merchants need to understand their exposure and risk when selling to customers online.

That’s where PayU’s tools come in, simplifying the most essential aspects of payment industry compliance while at the same time providing merchants with a robust and secure portal for accepting and managing online payments in any country around the world.

How PayU’s payment security tools support e-commerce

Learn more about the key features of our global payment security offering.

Leveraging the latest payment security technology

Frictionless transactions do not have to be at odds with maintaining the highest security standards and infrastructure. At PayU, we make all efforts to empower businesses to give customers a seamless shopping experience without compromising on data security, or vice versa.


To do so we have partnered with industry-leading payment security technologies, providing a highly secure payment platform while allowing you to provide the best possible user experience to your customers.

Digital identity verification

Digital identity is becoming increasingly prominent as the most frequently used form of identification— and a key step in performing online actions. It is expected that rock-solid digital identity verification of users will become a prerequisite for all sensitive digital activities, from online purchases to self-service onboarding activities and multiple account or money-based actions.


To address this growing need, our new partnership with AU10TIX harnesses AU10TIX’s digital identity advanced AI solutions to provide PayU customers with the fastest and safest identity verification available.



Fraud prevention and risk-scoring

The rapid migration to e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for cybercriminals to flourish, with online businesses finding themselves as targets for new and more sophisticated forms of attack.


To fight back, PayU has partnered with Feedzai, a cloud-based financial risk management platform—one of the most comprehensive financial crime prevention solutions on the market. Feedzai uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to processes customer and third-party data to identify, assess, and prevent potential threats. PayU processes over 1M transactions every day while Feedzai helps to monitor them in 190 countries.


Anti-fraud machine learning encompasses a range of algorithmic approaches and statistical methods – such as regressions and neural networks – to separate legitimate transactions from the illegitimate to help protect against data breaches and keep both merchants and customers secure.

We secure your payments – so you can focus on your business

The simplicity of doing business on the internet can make it easy to overlook the high stakes implications of processing sensitive financial data each time a customer makes a purchase.


By working with a global payment services leader, merchants can ensure the highest standards of security and compliance by taking advantage of the latest innovations in payment technology, while trusting that all of the essential industry rules and regulations for your online payment transactions are taken care of.


At the same time, you can focus your efforts on what you know best: the growth and success of your online business.