Uthrive & Employee Wellbeing

As we deeply care about our physical, mental and emotional health we are constantly widening our safety net of support programs, community-building, and numerous other initiatives.

Building a healthy & thriving community at PayU

At PayU we see Employee Wellbeing as a holistic approach: we spend a lot of energy cultivating, designing, building, and evaluating our initiatives and are very proud of them.


As we care deeply about the wellbeing of our employees, including those who work remotely or outside traditional office hours, we take a closer look into adressing their needs the best way possible. To achieve this, we established Uthrive. A holistic wellbeing programm with various initiatives driven by our Uthrive team. Consisting of ten dedicated members from across our organization, the Uthrive team provides PayUneers with consistent support around physical and mental wellbeing. Learn more about Uthrive below.

Uthrive – our wellbeing initiative

Uthrive is an initiative that aims to build a culture of physical, mental and emotional well-being for every PayUneer.

The Uthrive Team

A team of ten dedicated members from all across our business is the driving force behind all Uthrive initiative campaigns.

While the personal health and wellness lies within one’s own responsibility, we at PayU want to support our PayUneers in the best way we can.

Wellbeing tips by our Uthrive team – for U to Thrive

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Programme is provided by GuidanceResources and offers counselling, legal and financial consultation.
  • Why EAP?

    There are many reasons PayUneers might choose to use these services for. For example when they:
    – Are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of balancing work and family
    – Are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
    – Are dealing with grief and loss
    – Need assistance with child or elder care concerns
    – Have legal or financial questions
    – Have concerns about substance abuse for yourself or a dependent

  • What services are provided?

    The services provided by EAP are threefold:
    1) Confidential Emotional Support: The EAP provides free short-term counselling with local experts who can help with emotional concerns, including: anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss, life adjustments, relationship and partner conflicts.
    2) Legal: A local legal expert is available for a free half-hour consultation per issue per year to discuss any personal legal issues, such as: divorce, contracts, estate planning, will and trusts.
    3) Financial: Local financial experts can assist with a wide range of issues. They offer a free half-hour consultation per issue per year for: retirement planning, taxes, relocation, mortgages, insurance, budgeting, debt, bankruptcy and more.

  • How can PayUneers use EAP?

    Besides a toll-free helpline, PayUneers can access GuidanceResources services anytime, anywhere from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The award-winning portal, GuidanceResources® Online, is the go-to site for expert information and tools on the issues that matter most: relationships, work, school, parenting, wellness, legal, financial, free time and much more.

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