Recover lost revenue with PayU Instant Retry

Configure rules that re-route a payment to another provider, in the event that a provider receiving a transaction request fails to process the payment.

Retry transactions for better approval rates and fewer declined payments

The Instant Retry tool, a PayU Hub unique capability, saves failed transactions by processing them via a pre-configured set of routing rules. The quick setup is done via the Decision Engine and can be configured according to specific error codes, card-country, etc. 


The result? Businesses can optimize their acceptance rates while processing cross-border payments and salvage failed transactions.

Why Instant Retry?

See how PayU’s Instant Retry Feature can help you boost approval rates and combat false declines.

How it works


Instant Retry, part of PayU’s suite of Payment Optimization tools, is a fundamental component of our client-smart routing strategies. Retries are configured to salvage transactions lost due to technical errors or financial declines. Configurations to mitigate technical errors are designed to accommodate 3D-Secure declines, whereas financial declines refer to issuer-declined authorization requests.

Through Smart Routing and Instant Retry, our Decision Engine has been designed to furnish merchants with the means to create alternative routing strategies to maximize authorization approvals, block unwanted transactions, and improve the efficiency of your online payments.

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