What do online consumers look for when buying globally?

PayU has teamed up with Ipsos and ARC to survey more than 3,000 adults across the United States, Colombia, and Poland.

Consumer attitudes toward buying online from abroad: PayU’s new cross-border e-commerce report

E-commerce is bigger and more global than ever before – creating a wider variety of options for consumers, along with opportunities for online merchants to grow more easily beyond their borders.


But successful international expansion requires more than just setting up a website or new marketplace profile in a new country.  Merchants must be aware of local market dynamics, including not just what customers like to buy, but how they like to make online purchases from the point of searching for products up through checkout and beyond.


What do consumers look for when buying e-commerce products from cross-border merchants, and how can businesses ensure they are prepared to succeed when reaching into new markets?


To answer these questions and more, PayU partnered with Ipsos and the Poland-based market research institute ARC Rynek i Opinia in order to survey over 3,000 adults in the United States, Colombia, and Poland.


Keep reading for a snapshot of key findings, and scroll to the bottom to download your copy of the full report.

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Key findings

The importance of online payment methods

When reaching e-commerce consumers in international markets, offering the right combination of payment methods is critical.
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