Let us PayU a beer at the iFX EXPO Cyprus

The financial world is buzzing with excitement as the iFX EXPO Cyprus 2024 approaches, and we at PayU GPO are thrilled to be part of this prestigious event. Recognized as the leading online trading hub, the iFX EXPO is set to take place in Limassol, Cyprus from June 18-20 at the luxurious City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort. This year’s expo promises to bring together leading minds in finance, technology, and business to explore the latest innovations and trends shaping the industry, with a particular focus on online trading.

About iFX EXPO Cyprus 2024

iFX EXPO is the online trading industry’s biggest event series, bridging the world’s top fintech brands with like-minded professionals. It has grown into a global standard, providing every individual a hub to network, exchange ideas, and grow their business. Fast-forward 13 years from our very first show and iFX EXPO has become the quintessential gathering in the online trading space, setting the standard. This world-renowned expo series will make its annual return to Cyprus, bringing together thousands of C-level executives from the world’s top brands, along with hundreds of fintech innovators and affiliates.


With a rich agenda that includes networking opportunities, insightful panel discussions, and a showcase of cutting-edge technologies, this expo is the perfect platform for industry leaders to connect and collaborate. Key topics this year include the future of payments, regulatory challenges, AI in fintech, and the transformative power of open banking. Participants can expect to engage in meaningful conversations and gain valuable insights that will help them navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.


Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and interact with 130+ exhibitors in the online trading space, including brokers, crypto exchanges, technology, and service providers.


Explore the full agenda here



Look into the Crystal Ball of Fintech with Filippo Lucca

The expo features over 13 hours of insightful content across two stages, the Speaker Hall and the Idea Hub, featuring a lineup of the most influential experts and visionary thinkers in the industry.

PayU GPO is actively participating in the iFX EXPO Cyprus 2024, bringing our expertise to the forefront of discussions. Our Global Sales Manager, Filippo Lucca, will be representing PayU GPO in two dynamic panel discussions at the event:


1) Cash Me If You Can: The Future of Payments

In this session, Filippo, along with other industry experts, will delve into the heart of the payment industry’s transformation. As we witness a decline in the use of physical cash, there is a surge in the adoption of innovative digital payment solutions. This panel will explore the current landscape, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise as we move towards a more digitally empowered financial ecosystem. This discussion is crucial for sectors like brokerage, where the need for speed, convenience, and security in transactions is paramount. Attendees will gain insights into how evolving payment technologies can enhance their operations, meet consumer expectations, and drive business growth.



2) Bank on This: Breaking New Ground with Open Banking

Open banking represents a seismic shift in the financial sector. By leveraging API technology, open banking facilitates the secure sharing of financial data between banks and trusted third parties. This revolution is not just about convenience; it’s about empowering consumers and reshaping the way we manage personal finances. Filippo will discuss how open banking is transforming credit processing and payment solutions, setting new standards for financial services worldwide. This panel is particularly relevant for online traders who can leverage open banking to streamline their operations, offer better services to their clients, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Let Us PayU a Beer and Empower Your Business with Our Groundbreaking Payment Solutions

Gear up for over two days of top-tier networking at iFX EXPO. Immerse yourself in the dedicated lounges, engaging networking events, and the legendary iFX parties.


At PayU GPO, we believe in blending business with a bit of fun. That’s why we’re excited to sponsor the beer bar at this year’s iFX EXPO. Come join us for a refreshing drink and let’s toast to the power of fintech and the future of payments.


Whether you are an online trader, broker, affiliate, or part of an IBS, our team is eager to show you how PayU GPO can support your business growth with our cutting-edge payment solutions.


Meet us at our beer bar to explore how PayU GPO can support your business growth. The PayU GPO Booth 174 is where the future of payments comes to life – let’s raise a glass to innovation and success!


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We look forward to seeing you there!