Exploring India’s fintech future

In the first episode of our new Fintech Alphabet series, three of India’s leading fintech entrepreneurs speak to PayU CEO Laurent le Moal about opportunities and challenges for the sector during COVID-19.

In 40 years when someone asks what you did during the pandemic – what do you want the answer to be?



The pilot episode of our new Fintech Alphabet series brings up the difficult questions of the new normal in the fintech industry. How do our businesses best adapt to an unprecedented pandemic and disruptions to our way of life? What changes need to be made to the way we operate – and how do they translate to the business world?


With people testing companies more than ever on the validity and seriousness of their purpose, it’s never been more important to take an honest look at the fintech industry and how we can start making changes to the financial system that truly matter. For fintech, COVID-19 is a wake up call and an opportunity to build better financial systems that protect the underprivileged.


This discussion takes us on a journey through India and its resilient economy, through the eyes of three up-and-coming fintech entrepreneurs. You can read on to learn more about them and watch the full episode above.



Who’s on the panel?


  • Lizzie Chapman is the CEO & Co-Founder of ZestMoney, the largest and fastest-growing consumer lending fintech company in India. ZestMoney uses mobile technology, digital banking and AI to make life more affordable for millions of Indian consumers.


  • Amrish Rau is the CEO of PineLabs, Asia’s leading merchant commerce platform. PineLabs focuses on enabling merchants to increase revenue whilst reducing costs, complexity and risks through a full-stack merchant platform that is a unique blend of technology and financial solutions.


  • Kunal Shah is the founder of CRED, a members only credit card bill payment platform that reward its members for clearing their credit card bills on time.