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As e-commerce becomes a household name and a prominent part of the payment ecosystem, merchants are now becoming more aware of the importance of customer experience within the payment flow.


The checkout process becomes a central part of the overall customer experience and needs to be as secure, fast, and accessible as possible. Customers wish to use their preferred payment methods, and they expect their payments to go through smoothly and successfully. Solutions need to become more customer-centric, and their architecture needs to cater to customer needs while not compromising on aspects, e.g., security, scalability, and optimization.   


At PayU, we strive to create a world without payment borders, and we subsequently design our global solutions to reflect that mindset— and PayU’s global payment orchestration platform is no different.   

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PayU: Functionality highlights  

Single connection to global and local online payment methods to accommodate your customers’ every need.   

Thanks to a vast array of payment methods, our solution allows you to create a tailored shopping experience for your customers, prevent cart abandonment at the checkout page and optimize the probability that payments will end up successfully. With the support of hundreds of global and local online payment methods, we have got you covered!  


Rapid integration and connectivity  

integrate once without the need to navigate a labyrinth of connections. Manage, set up, and optimize your stack via a single API—One integration, unlimited connectivity, utmost flexibility.  


Optimal Approval Rates  

Our payment processing solution utilizes intelligent technology that routes transactions to their best-performing payment provider for optimal approval rates, with the lowest possible fees.  


Scalability and easy cross border expansion 

PayU supports businesses’ accelerated growth by providing a solid, scalable solution that businesses can rely upon when their scope of payment traffic grows considerably, and fast.  


Advanced Analytics  

Our analytics dashboard gives detailed insight into your payment traffic and approval rates, allowing you to track your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in real-time and generate advanced reports to understand your payments’ performance in depth.   


Unified Token Vault  

We manage the secure storage of cardholder data for you. We tokenize the card details and securely store them to be used across all your payment providers.   


Risk Analysis and Fraud Detection   

Our fraud prevention service identifies fraudulent transactions and minimizes their impact on your payment stack. Our fraud prevention service utilizes a state-of-the-art scoring system that uses artificial intelligence.  

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