Everything you need to know about ING

What is ING, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

ING: Easy bank transfers for customers in Poland

Poland’s e-commerce market experienced a major boost during the past few years. The Covid-19 pandemic only accelerated online shopping trends that were gaining a strong foothold across the country’s society. The popularity of smartphones and increased access to the internet have led to consumers developing greater digital literacy, which has contributed to an increase in online spending over the past several years. Since 12 million of Poland’s internet users shop online using their mobile phones, modern Polish banks provide hassle-free and safe digital payment methods for their clients. If you wish to expand your business operations into Poland, it is worth getting to know these banks and selecting one that suits your needs best. ING is one of them. Read on to learn more about this payment method chosen by many customers in Poland.

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What is the ING payment method?

ING is a bank transfer payment method that lets customers pay for orders made online using their bank account. No credit card is needed to complete the transaction. The primary advantage of this payment solution is that customers don’t need to manually rewrite data or order transfers. Customers login to their bank and authorize a predefined transfer order. 

ING is a popular bank and payment service used by customers in Poland. ING is recognized as the leader in the efficiency of the banking sector and popularity among bank customers. To date, ING counts over 4.4 million retail clients in Poland. 

How does ING work?

Customers can pay through ING’s payment gateway when making a purchase at an online store. They simply use their bank account to make instant transfers, and there is no need for credit card information. Customers can log into their bank accounts and authorize a predefined transfer order, after which the bank confirms the transaction. The payment method is so popular because of its convenience and speed – there’s no need to fill out the transfer data manually.

This is especially important for merchants looking to ship orders quickly and efficiently; they receive the funds immediately and can start to fulfill the order faster. This payment method is quick and convenient for customers who do not have credit cards.

Why do merchants and consumers use ING?

Consumers in Poland have become more interested in online shopping since the launch of digital banking services that facilitate payment via bank transfer. While cash on delivery is still a popular way of paying for products, an increasing segment of customers – especially Millennials and Gen Z – are turning to digital payment methods. The majority of ING customers are younger people with higher education and income above the national average, living in medium and large cities. By using ING, they can pay online easily – even if they don’t have a credit card. This type of instant bank transfer is a simple process that has become popular among local customers.

ING opens the door for merchants to streamline the customer experience and offer local customers a familiar and trusted payment option. As there’s no need to open new accounts or remember passwords, customers can use their existing bank account and internet banking service.

How can I start accepting ING?

To implement ING online transfer payment method, merchants can turn to a payment gateway that includes this option. This is the fastest approach to adding this payment method. By teaming up with an international payment service provider that processes customer payments efficiently, e-commerce companies can enhance customer experience and encourage repeat business.

ING FAQs (6)

In which countries is ING used?

ING is used in Poland, one of Europe’s most rapidly growing e-commerce markets.

Why should merchants add ING online banking?

Adding ING as a payment method helps merchants tap into the Polish market, streamline the customer experience and offer customers a familiar and trusted payment option.

What are the advantages of using ING?

The main advantages are convenience, speed, and security. Customers can pay quickly without having to fill out the transfer data manually. Merchants receive their funds immediately and can start to fulfill orders faster. Lastly, it is a secure payment method, as customers do not need to provide credit card information.

Does ING online banking offer an API?

Yes, ING does offer an API for merchants to integrate with their online store. This allows customers to pay instantly and securely using their existing bank accounts without opening new accounts or remembering passwords. Merchants can benefit from the convenience and speed of this payment method.

Does ING online banking provide a test environment?

Yes, ING does offer a test environment for merchants to verify their integration. Merchants can then go live with the payment method once they have tested the system and are satisfied with the results.

What are the additional security features of ING online banking?

ING offers a secure payment method, as customers do not need to provide credit card information. Additionally, ING utilizes 3D-Secure technology for extra security. This ensures the transactions are secure and protected from fraud and other malicious activities.