Everything you need to know about PSE

What is PSE, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

PSE: Online bank transfers for shoppers in Colombia

The e-commerce industry in Colombia has seen substantial growth within the last few years. Factors driving the growth of online shopping include greater accessibility to digital services through smartphones and greater accessibility to banking and online payment services.


The most common challenges e-commerce companies face when entering the Colombian market are related to poor internal transport networks that cannot meet demand, driving high costs and causing delays to supply chains. Merchants also face local regulations (taxes, customs procedures) and local payment methods. Customers in Colombia use a variety of payment solutions, from credit cards to cash on delivery.


Merchants looking to expand into this market need to offer the most common payment methods in Colombia to build a great checkout experience, boost sales, reduce abandoned carts, and drive loyalty. One of the most popular payment solutions in Colombia is PSE.

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What is PSE?


PSE (short for “pago seguro electronico”) is a bank transfer payment solution used in Colombia supported by 20 different banks. It allows users to pay directly from their bank account. 


One of the most popular alternative payment methods in Latin America, PSE streamlines the payment process by letting users pay directly from their bank account in real time without having to use a credit card. All it takes to complete a payment is entering the name of their bank and logging into their online banking environment. Customers can then review the pre-populated payment details, authorize the payment, and then wait a moment for their account to be credited.


How does PSE work?


To get started, customers need to have a savings or current account in any of the 20 financial entities allied with ACH COLOMBIA. Naturally, customers need to have the necessary funds to guarantee the transaction, and they should also make sure that the amount and number of transactions are enabled to the maximum.


To complete the payment, customers need to authorize it. Financial institutions require your basic password plus another method that involves an authentication factor such as a token, SMS, etc. These methods vary at each institution. 


Why do merchants and consumers use PSE?


Consumers in Colombia use PSE because of its ease of use and efficiency. This payment method lets users pay directly from their bank account and works across 20 banks in the country. PSE also offers many benefits to merchants. If you want to keep your business successful, it’s crucial to process payments quickly. Slow pending payments tie up capital, making it difficult to determine how many resources are available. Real-time payments like PSE are simple, effective, and cost-efficient. They improve the e-commerce company’s cash flow and have better control over finances for a more reliable future business forecast. 


How can I start accepting PSE?

Merchants can start offering PSE to their customers by implementing a payment gateway. By partnering with a global payment service provider that offers a cost-efficient and secure system, merchants can start accepting such payments immediately and improve the customer experience while increasing revenue.

PSE FAQs (5)

In which countries is PSE used?

PSE is used in Colombia, one of the largest e-commerce markets in the region.

What are the benefits of accepting PSE?

PSE allows merchants to process payments quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. It also gives customers a secure payment method familiar to them and makes online purchases simpler and faster. Additionally, merchants can reach more customers with PSE, as 20 different banks in the country support it.

What is the process of using PSE as a payment gateway for customers?

The process of paying with PSE is quite straightforward for customers. They must enter their bank name and log into their online banking environment. The payment details will be pre-populated, so they need to review the information, authorize the transaction, and wait a moment for their account to be credited.

How secure is PSE for online payments?

PSE is a highly secure payment method. Financial institutions require customers to enter their basic password plus an authentication factor such as a token, SMS code, etc. Banks also use encryption technologies to protect customer information and prevent fraud.

Are there any additional fees associated with using PSE?

No, PSE does not require any additional fees for merchants. Payment gateway providers may charge a fee based on the transaction size, but typically these costs are low, and customers do not incur any extra charges.