Jumpstart your career, become a PayUneer

At PayU we’re deploying some of the industry’s most exciting digital payments technology to increase financial inclusion and access around the world. Here’s how you can join us.

As a fintech company focused on e-commerce and financial services in emerging markets, we at PayU are privileged to work at the leading edge of some of the world’s most exciting trends and technologies. Yet even as we focus on how technology can drive financial inclusion and expand access to economic opportunities throughout the world, when it comes to building a successful company we know that what really matters is our people: their job fulfillment and their desire to make a difference. 


PayU strives to create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper.


How do we do this? By hiring and empowering the right individuals: our PayUneers. 




What does it take to be a PayUneer?

PayUneers are courageous, curious and have a penchant for latest technologies, innovation and learning.

  • We can’t wait to get our hands on the newest technologies and channel them toward achieving our goal: a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper. 
  • We have a lifelonglearning mindset. Our thirst for knowledge and innovation is the basis of our global success. 
  • Our courage empowers us to transform our business by taking calculated risks and learning from failure when it happens.


PayUneers have a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

  • To us ownership goes beyond simply “getting things done”: we strive to accomplish our goals in a way that is inspirational to others. 
  • We are empowered to embrace our job responsibilities, drive real change, innovate, and disrupt the status quo. 


PayUneers build trust by doing what they say.

  • The PayU brand stands for fairness, removing borders, and enabling success for everyone. That is at the heart of everything we do. 
  • In a highly competitive environment, we believe the only way to sustainable success is by building trust on all levels: with our customers, and between each other. 


PayUneers truly value each other and their wellbeing.

  • PayUneers are competitive, but in a healthy way. While our competitiveness fuels our professional and personal growth, it is collaboration which ensures this growth does not put our health and wellbeing at risk. 
  • We support one another in completing our tasks as well as in achieving a healthy balance between our work and our lives. 


PayUneers are open to new ideas and celebrate differences

  • Our thinking is neither set on clear boundaries nor on the one right way to do things. We accept ambiguity and are receptive to new ways. 
  • It is our empowered diversity which allows us to succeed globally. Our differences are not a source of conflict, but rather the contrary – they enable our personal and professional growth.  


If you identify with the above, then you are ready to apply to become a PayUneer! Here are some tips to support you along the way. 



How do you apply for a role as a PayUneer?  

Before you apply for a role in PayU, please consider the following:

  • Please read the job description thoroughly and make sure your skills and expectations match the requirements. 


  • Try to do some in-depth research about the role through your contacts who may be working or were working with PayU. Get to know more about the organization, the work we do and see if it is aligned with what you are looking for. 


  • Highlight work or project examples in your resume which you think might be relevant to the specific job opening. 


  • Be clear on why you want this job and how will it help your professional growth. At PayU we not only offer jobs, we build careers. 


  • Highlight recent learnings or courses you have completed in the last 3 months, as we would love to hear about them.




Your application is read by human beings and not machines. When reading the resumes of our future PayUneers, we must ensure they have all it takes to thrive in the role. Use this chance and tell us everything you can about yourself and how can you add value to the role. Try to balance between being precise, while enabling us to get an authentic first impression of you. 


We are always on the lookout for fresh and innovative talent in multiple areas.  So while you may need to be precise in your application, if we feel you would be a better fit elsewhere, we might want to talk about that opportunity, too. We don’t just want to fill a position, we want the best people to come and work with us. 



How do we make a decision?

Here’s our evaluation process for most of the roles. Senior roles are an exception as the discussions are structured differently: 


  1. Application process  
  2. Exploratory discussion with the recruiter 
  3. 2-3 evaluation rounds with subject matter experts including technical as well as behavioral rounds.




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