Payment industry compliance features

Helping you stay on top of payment industry requirements

When it comes to accepting online payments, there are important requirements which merchants must be aware of – particularly when increasing your volume of international transactions.


Without adequate safeguards, e-commerce can be a ripe environment for fraud and identity theft and for this reason, the payment industry and its regulators have established high standards for safeguarding customer data – as well as heavy penalties for those who do not take adequate precautions.


From PCI-DSS, an initiative of the credit card companies, to the European Union’s Strong Customer Authentication requirements and the 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, merchants need to understand their exposure and risk when selling to customers online.

PayU payment compliance features

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Our tools support your payment compliance – so you can focus on your business


The simplicity of doing business on the internet can make it easy to overlook the high stakes implications of processing sensitive financial data each time a customer makes a purchase.

By working with a global payment services leader, merchants can ensure the highest standards of security and compliance by taking advantage of the latest innovations in payment technology, while trusting that all of the essential industry rules and regulations for your online payment transactions are taken care of.

At the same time, you can focus your efforts on what you know best: the growth and success of your online business.