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PayU is among the leading local payment platforms in some of the world’s most dynamic emerging markets. This “local-to-global” approach helps to enable the scope of our global-to-local payment offering – through firsthand local experience as well as the opportunity to process payments locally in any market on PayU’s platforms and those of our partners, global merchants benefit from the same advantages as their local counterparts when it comes to ensuring successful online payments.


At the same time, any local business connecting via PayU can access the same global payment features as the world’s largest e-commerce players.


Merchants interested in PayU’s global payment offering should visit our Global Payment Solutions home to learn more about the global reach and capabilities of our payment orchestration platform.


Businesses with needs that are more local can also benefit from connecting to PayU’s global platform – even those who are active in only a few markets.  For merchants with more specific market-to-market requirements we leverage our local experience to provide additional local payment solutions tailored toward the needs of individual geographies and e-commerce verticals.


Keep reading to learn more about the local payment products available through PayU, as well as the local payment methods we have available in our top emerging markets.

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PayU local payment solutions

Payment processing in any local market

Whether you are a global business, a scale-up in growth mode, or a small entrepreneur looking for a better payment solution, PayU is your all-in-one platform for accepting payments in any market.

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Marketplace payment solutions

PayU’s marketplace payment solution is designed for leading marketplace merchants and tailored to local markets. Available in Europe, Turkey, and India.

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Payment solutions for Hotels & Hospitality

Our solution for the Hotels & Hospitality sector helps businesses to offer additional features and guest experiences when it comes to online booking. Available in Asia-Pacific region.

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Credit and BNPL

PayU offers a wide range of credit products including BNPL, installment payments, and consumer loans designed to benefit consumers as well as online merchants.

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Local payment methods

With a wide range of global and local online payment methods, we help e-commerce businesses meet the payment preferences of local customers anywhere in the world.

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Why it makes sense to process payments locally

Learn about the advantages of local payment processing
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One global solution for local payment processing in any market

Merchants integrating via PayU benefit from access to the industry-leading features of our global payment orchestration platform. With one global API integration, merchants can process local payments in any market over PayU’s local payment platforms as well as those of our partners.


While everything is happening behind the scenes, merchants see only the PayU interface, which provides a complete overview of all local payments across different global markets along with advanced analytics and tools for payment optimization.


Providing the ability to offer more local payment methods while increasing approval rates and lowering fees, local payment processing is a competitive advantage for any online merchant.


Global merchants benefit from the ability to do business locally. At the same time, local businesses have a payment solution with all the benefits and features of a global payment platform, even if they are only doing business in one country.


For companies at a growth stage, PayU can scale easily and accommodate plans to sell in any new market.

PayU global features

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Whether you are a startup or established merchant, a local business or a fast-growing scale-up with plans to go global, unlock sales and e-commerce revenue by leveraging advanced tools for online payment processing and optimization.

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