Everything you need to know about Bancolombia

What is Bancolombia, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Bancolombia: Direct online bank transfer payment method for customers in Colombia

Colombia ranks as the third largest e-commerce market in Latin America, with the table set for continued growth in the coming years. By the end of 2021, the country had an estimated 25 million online buyers, more than 70% of its internet-using population.


But merchants looking to win over customers in Colombia’s promising digital landscape must be prepared to adapt to the local environment. Like many emerging e-commerce markets, Colombia’s internet economy is characterized by a number of local product and service providers who aren’t necessarily well-known outside of the region.


This is particularly true when it comes to the payment methods that customers use and trust to pay for goods and services online. Local bank transfers, credit cards, and alternative payment methods are all popular payment methods when it comes to e-commerce. For merchants, offering a wide range of these local and alternative payment method options is essential when it comes to winning over customers in Colombia and the wider Latin American region.


One such payment method is the online bank transfer payment method from Bancolombia. Keep reading to learn more about Bancolombia’s digital payment option, and its role in Colombia’s e-commerce economy.

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What is Bancolombia?

Bancolombia is part of Grupo Bancolombia, an established banking entity in Colombia with over 25 million customers across Colombia and Central America. Bancolombia’s online banking lets customers transfer funds directly through the bank’s website, a secure and efficient online payment method that is popular with e-commerce customers. Bancolombia customers can pay using funds from their own bank accounts, so no credit card is needed to complete the purchase. 


As with other online bank transfer payment methods, customers don’t need to manually rewrite data or order transfers. All it takes is logging into the bank account and authorizing a predefined transfer order. When implementing Bancolombia, merchants benefit from swift settlements and reliable processing of their transactions.




How does Bancolombia work?

The online transfer payment method provided by Bancolombia is quick and easy. Once a customer goes through the checkout, they can select Bancolombia as their payment method, and they will be automatically redirected to the Bancolombia website. Once the customer logs in, they see a transfer form that has been pre-filled with all the key details, such as the recipient’s account number and transfer title. All they need to do is check if the data is correct and confirm the transfer. The merchant receives funds immediately.




Why do merchants and consumers use Bancolombia?

With over 16 million customers in Colombia alone, Bancolombia is one of the country’s largest banks. Accepting Bancolombia helps merchants to offer an immediately recognizable and popular online payment option to reach customers who may not use international credit cards or other global payment methods.


Bancolombia also has operations in Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador – making it an important regional financial institution and online payment method in multiple Latin American countries.


E-commerce companies can use this fast and convenient method to improve their checkout process and provide local customers with an option for paying that they know and trust. This payment method also allows merchants to accept payments from customers who don’t have credit cards but prefer to pay through their bank accounts. Customers can use their existing bank account and internet banking services to confirm the transfer, so there is no need to open new accounts or remember additional passwords.




How can merchants start accepting Bancolombia?

To use the Bancolombia online transfer payment method, merchants should implement a payment gateway that can accept payments from Bancolombia and other local banks. For international merchants, enabling local payment methods like Bancolombia without a payment gateway would require setting up one-off local acquiring relationships with each individual financial organization.


By working with a global payment provider (like PayU) that has those local acquiring relationships in place already, merchants can immediately offer hundreds of local, global, and alternative payment methods to customers in any market around the world.


PayU is deeply rooted in Colombia and other Latin American markets, and offers merchants the opportunity to instantly enable a wide range of local payment methods which are popular with customers in the region.

Bancolombia FAQs (5)

What are the key benefits of the Bancolombia payment method?

Bancolombia is one of Colombia’s largest banks, with over 16 million customers in the country. By offering Bancolombia at checkout, merchants can win the trust of the local market by providing a payment method option that consumers know and trust. Bancolombia is also used outside of Colombia in Guatemala, Panama, and El Salvador.

Why is Bancolombia a popular payment method in Colombia?

Bancolombia’s banking system allows customers to transfer funds through the bank’s website. Customers can pay using funds from their own bank accounts, so no credit card is needed to complete the purchase. This form of payment is convenient and fast because customers don’t need to manually rewrite data or order transfers.

What special offers does Bancolombia provide to customers?

Bancolombia customers gain access to a wide range of discounts and special offers across electronics, beauty and cosmetics, and more.

What is the process for accepting Bancolombia payments?

Merchants can accept Bancolombia online transfer payments by partnering with a payment gateway that can provide access to Bancolombia and other local payment methods. PayU’s global payment platform offers a single and direct connection enabling merchants to offer hundreds of local, global, and alternative payment method options and accept payments from any market throughout the world.

In which countries is Bancolombia used?

Bancolombia is used in Colombia. It’s headquartered in Medellín and was founded in 1945. The bank’s footprint also extends into Central America, with operations in Guatemala, Panama, and El Salvador.