Everything you need to know about Getin Bank

What is Getin Bank, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Getin Bank: Leverage online transfers for higher conversions in the Polish market

Poland is at the center of the broader growth story when it comes to e-commerce in Eastern Europe. With growing digitization, a population the size of Spain, and among the highest GDP per capita in the region, the Polish market is highly compelling for any online merchant interested in tapping into the future of European e-commerce.


Similarly many high-growth markets, the payment landscape in Poland is highly localized. Although card payments play a role, many consumers prefer to use alternative payment methods ranging from cash options to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).


While not technically an alternative payment method, among of the most common payment methods in Poland (and elsewhere in Eastern Europe) are so-called “pay-by-link” options available through various local banks. With pay-by-link, customers receive a pre-defined bank transfer form and simply need to approve the transaction via online banking.


Many European customers prefer to pay for e-commerce orders with direct bank transfers – particularly when the process can be completed as easily and conveniently as possible. Among many Polish customers, Getin Bank is one of the most popular choices.

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What is Getin Bank?

Getin Bank is a retail banking brand owned by Getin Noble Bank S.A., which is one of the largest banks in Poland. Getin Bank offers products for individual clients, small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments, housing associations, and large corporations. Getin Bank’s offer is available in over 300 branches of its own, many franchise branches, and a wide range of broker networks across the country.


The bank provides its customers with modern and transparent financial products, simplified payment procedures, as well as modern internet and mobile banking. One of them is an instant online transfer that allows customers to quickly pay for products ordered in e-commerce stores and merchants to improve the customer experience with quick order processing.





How does Getin Bank work?

When paying in an online store, customers can pay using their bank account. No credit card is required. Also, there’s no need to rewrite data or order transfers manually. After selecting Getin Bank as the payment method during checkout, customers simply log in to their bank and authorize a predefined transfer order.


After that, the bank confirms the transaction and the seller receives the money immediately. The merchant can then fulfill the order, making this a fast and convenient payment method for consumers who don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use one.






Why do merchants and consumers use Getin Bank?

Paying online by bank transfer is very simple, which is likely why it has become so popular among local customers. Getin Bank customers can make online transfers faster than ever – without having to write down the order number and payment received data. All it takes to complete a transaction is confirming a predefined transfer form. This type of online payment is smooth and hassle-free, providing customers with a fast and secure checkout experience. 


Offering bank transfers via local financial institutions such as Getin Bank is a great option for merchants aiming to build trust and recognition in the local market. Offering Getin Bank as one of the possible payment options for consumers in Poland streamlines the customer experience for e-commerce businesses by allowing them to provide a common payment method that local customers know and trust. There’s no need to open new accounts or remember passwords as customers can use their existing bank account and internet banking service.




How can merchants start accepting Getin Bank?

The easiest way for an e-commerce merchant to accept Getin Bank’s online transfer method is by implementing a payment gateway that supports it. Normally, accepting online payments in international markets via local banks like Getin would require having local payment acquiring relationships with the banks in each of those markets. This is highly impractical for most e-commerce businesses to sustain, which is why many only accept global payment methods when operating outside of their home country – or perhaps only offer a few local payment options.


By working with a global payment provider that has local acquiring capabilities, merchants can vastly increase the amount of local payment methods that they can accept – ensuring that they are able to reach more customers and increase the amount of successful e-commerce sales.

Getin Bank FAQs (4)

In which countries is Getin Bank used?

Getin Bank is used in Poland, a country with a population of over 38 million, where more than one-third uses internet banking services.

What are the key benefits of the Getin Bank payment method?

Getin Bank’s online transfer payment solution offers e-commerce businesses a convenient way to expand into the Polish market. Providing a method local customers know and trust streamlines the customer experience for e-commerce businesses. This payment method is an easy-to-use option for Polish consumers that does not require new accounts or passwords.

Does Getin Bank have an API?

Getin Bank offers an API, which functions as the interface for access to PSD2 services of Getin Noble Bank. Using the interface grants safe access to the payment initiation services (PIS), access to account information (AIS) or the service of confirming the availability of funds on the payer’s account (CAF).

Does Getin Bank provide a test environment?

Getin Bank has launched an API test environment in which licensed fintech companies interested in cooperation can test the integration of their services with the bank. For merchants who want to offer Getin Bank as a payment option at checkout, the easiest way is through a payment gateway that supports this payment method.