Everything you need to know about Rapipago

What is Rapipago, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Rapipago: An easy way to pay in cash for transactions online

At least one-fifth of online transactions in Argentina are paid for with cash. To avoid missing out on sales opportunities in the Argentinian market, merchants should consider implementing payment methods that allow consumers to pay in cash for online transactions.


This is where Rapipago comes in. A favorite among Argentinian consumers, Rapipago is one of many key payment methods across Latin America that allow online shoppers to generate a digital code at checkout which is then paid in cash at participating retailers.


How does it all work?  Keep reading to learn more.

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What is Rapipago?

Rapipago is a prepaid online payment method used to pay for online purchases and bills in cash at convenient locations across Argentina. The system generates a voucher that users can pay for offline at one of 6,000+ Rapipago payment locations. Since transactions are paid in cash, there’s no risk of chargebacks. 


By opening up online payments to half of the unbanked Argentinian consumers, Rapipago allows merchants to capture more revenue from their existing customers.


The company has been in operation since 1996, with coverage throughout the Argentine Republic territory, through its own premises and qualified agents such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and service stations.


Using Rapipago, customers can pay the service bills of more than 5,000 companies, such as electricity, water, and gas services, online purchases, and educational institutions, recharge their balance, and send money to other users who have a Rapipago account.




How does Rapipago work?

To start using Rapipago, customers need to head over to its mobile application or website. The Rapipago mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices free of charge, and users can easily download it from Google Play or the App Store. Alternatively, they can set up an account on the Rapipago website.




Why do merchants and consumers use Rapipago?

Despite economic headwinds, Argentina is one of many examples of e-commerce growth in Latin America. In order to break into this fast-growing online consumer market, merchants must be prepared to accommodate local payment preferences. In Argentina, local credit cards and other prepaid options dominate the market – and one of the most used offline payment methods for making online purchases is Rapipago.


Counting over 6,000 locations in Argentina, Rapipago is one of the most popular payment options among Argentinians. Users can make payments through Rapipago using cash at their branch offices or associated stores.


Adding a payment method that is specific to the Argentine market helps merchants reach more customers in the country, boost conversions, and increase revenues.




How can merchants start accepting Rapipago?

The easiest way to accept Rapipago is by using a payment gateway that offers this payment method. Once the payment method is integrated, customers will be provided with a Rapipago ticket during checkout. This is done by redirecting customers to the static, hosted Rapipago ticket page, where they can save or print a copy of the voucher.

Rapipago FAQs (4)

Can I deposit money with Rapipago?

Rapipago users must first have a balance in their account to send money to someone or pay for bills. They can deposit money by personally approaching any of the Rapipago branches or through the application with a debit card.

Can I pay bills with Rapipago?

Rapipago users can easily pay their bills via the platform. To do that, they need to generate a voucher from their provider and pay for it with cash at one of the Rapipago locations.

Is it possible to send money with Rapipago?

Once inside the Rapipago system, all it takes is to enter the menu and choose the option “Send money.” This is where customers indicate the amount of money they want to send and the destination account number. They can add a message to provide more information about the payment. Next, they verify that all recipient details are correct and enter their password.



Sending money with Rapipago is free. Neither the person who sends nor receives it pays anything, and the transfer is immediate.

In which countries is Rapipago used?

Rapipago is available to consumers in Argentina.