Everything you need to know about Credit Agricole

What is Credit Agricole, how does it work in Poland, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Credit Agricole: Pay-by-link option for customers in Poland

As the largest country in Eastern Europe, Poland is a leader in the region’s fast-growing digital landscape. The Polish e-commerce market is consistently one of the top performers in Europe, and continues to shine as an emerging e-commerce powerhouse.


Merchants eager to target the Polish market, however, must be prepared to offer payment methods that help to tailor the checkout experience to local customer expectations.


Credit Agricole is a French bank with operations in several countries, including Poland. In Poland, Credit Agricole offers a range of financial products and services, including a popular instant online bank transfer or “pay-by-link” option for e-commerce payments.


Read on to learn more about Credit Agricole, why it’s popular in Poland, and how you can integrate this payment method into your online store.

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What is Credit Agricole?

Credit Agricole is a bank transfer payment method in Poland that enables customers to pay online using their bank account. There’s no need to use a credit card to complete the purchase. The key benefit of using this payment method is that customers don’t need to rewrite transfer data or order transfers manually. After clicking Credit Agricole as the payment method at checkout, all the customer needs to do is log into their bank account and authorize a pre-defined transfer order. Merchants, on the other hand, benefit from guaranteed payment and swift settlement.




How does Credit Agricole work?

When customers purchase a product or service in an e-commerce store, they go through the checkout process and can choose the payment method for completing it. After clicking Credit Agricole as their payment method, they will be redirected to the bank’s website. The customer can then log into their bank account and make an instant transfer. There is no need to rewrite data or make manual transfer orders, which speeds up order preparation and shipping. This is especially important for merchants who need to move inventory quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the convenience of Credit Agricole and other pay-by-link options helps to increase conversions by making the checkout process as simple and seamless as possible.




Why do merchants and consumers use Credit Agricole?

Credit Agricole offers a fast and secure checkout experience where customers can confirm a predefined transfer form to complete transactions. This payment method option streamlines the customer experience for online businesses and provides local customers with a hassle-free and smooth payment experience. Customers don’t need to open new accounts or remember passwords – they can use their existing bank account and internet banking service.


By accepting Credit Agricole as a payment method in the checkout process, merchants can reach more Polish customers and improve conversions in the Polish market. 




How can merchants start accepting Credit Agricole?

By choosing a payment gateway that supports Credit Agricole, merchants can offer this payment method as a pay-by-link option on their checkout page. PayU’s global payment platform enables merchants in Poland to offer Credit Agricole while also reaching customers in every other global market with hundreds of other local, global, and alternative payment methods and additional payment features.

Credit Agricole FAQs (4)

In which countries is Credit Agricole used?

Credit Agricole is used in nearly 50 countries including Poland, one the largest and most rapidly expanding e-commerce markets in Europe.

Why should merchants add Credit Agricole?

By offering Credit Agricole and other pay-by-link options, merchants can provide customers with a fast and secure payment method that streamlines the checkout experience.  Customers confirm a predefined online transfer form to complete their transaction and do not need to open new accounts or remember passwords – they can simply use their existing bank account and internet banking service.

Does Credit Agricole offer an API?

To comply with the EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), Credit Agricole provides two PolishAPI-based variants of the API focused on accessing two different business segments: retail customers and SMEs, and corporate clients. The APIs made available by the Bank enable TPPs to initiate payments (PIS – Payment Initiation Service), collect data on payment accounts maintained by the Bank (AIS – Account Information Service), and confirm the availability of funds in the account (CAF – Confirmation of Availability Funds) to meet PSD2 requirements.

Does Credit Agricole provide a test environment?

Credit Agricole provides access to the PSD2 Sandbox to Payment Service Providers who apply for a permit or entry in the register to the competent authorities. PayU enables merchants to offer Credit Agricole as a payment method to e-commerce customers in Poland.