Everything you need to know about Naranja

What is Naranja, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Naranja: One of Argentina’s most popular online payment methods

Businesses that expand to new markets often find out the hard way why it’s so critical to meet local payment preferences. Customers in different countries and continents often have divergent expectations around payment methods – including convenience, speed, accessibility, and even which payment methods are made available to begin with.


According to research, consumers who do not find their preferred payment method at checkout can be over half as likely to abandon an online purchase. Offering the right online payment methods in the right places is therefore critical for successful e-commerce expansion.


Merchants looking to establish a presence in Argentina need to offer the right local payment methods that accommodate these expectations and make the checkout experience more appealing. And when it comes to expanding to the Argentine market, Naranja is one of the must-haves.

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What is Naranja?

Naranja is a major credit card issuer and online payment method in Argentina. The company has been in business since 1985 and has developed a reputation as an innovative banking option in the region. Millions of clients choose it because of its convenient mobile app that allows instant payments. 


This payment method is particularly popular among Argentinian consumers for purchasing services or shopping online. As the company expanded, Naranja has become a top payment method for merchants and consumers alike.





How does Naranja work?

Customers pay for goods or services by adding them to their cart at checkout and selecting Naranja as a payment method. The payment gateway will request the needed information for payment, including the card number and CVV code. 


If a customer has the Naranja application installed on their device, they may be requested to verify their purchase using an authentication method within that app. All transfers are completed instantly, and both parties will receive notifications with details of the transaction.





Why do merchants and consumers use Naranja?

Naranja’s goal is to provide top-quality services to customers, including:


  • Partnerships with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express that enable smooth transactions across the globe
  • The use of innovative technologies to deliver smooth money transactions over secure channels
  • Customer-oriented services that offer a seamless experience and access to numerous promotions
  • Easy payment via mobile app 


Users can make free transfers, pay for goods and services using smartphones, and order cards online. A customer only needs an ID and an Internet connection to get a Naranja card without leaving the house. In addition, Naranja offers loans and insurance products. 


Such benefits make the service appealing to both online shoppers and merchants. No wonder Naranja counts over 4 million customers (and 9 million active cards) in Argentina.


By adding Naranja as a payment method in the checkout, merchants are sure to attract more Argentinian customers and successfully expand their business in the local market, gaining access to a wide pool of potential customers.


Naranja also operates Tienda Naranja, an eCommerce marketplace where merchants can sell their products, and the platform sells everything from furniture and cosmetics to clothes and electronics. 





How can merchants start accepting Naranja?

By integrating the Naranja Payment Platform into their checkout, merchants can accept Naranja credit and debit cards as payment for goods or services. The best way to do that is by using a specialized payment gateway that supports Naranja.


When a consumer makes a payment using their card, the payment provider sends a request containing the consumer’s card information and the merchant’s reference ID to an acquiring bank. The latter redirects it to the issuing bank. 


The issuing bank processes the transaction in real-time, returning an authorization or decline response. The acquirer sends the authorization result to the payment provider, and the provider responds accordingly.


If the payment is authorized, the merchant can send the product or service to the customer or request a capture. The provider will also send settlement details to the acquirer to allow the collection of the amount from the customer’s bank account. 


The merchant receives funds and payment reports that include the payment reference. That way, the business can instantly update the relevant order or orders.

Naranja FAQs (5)

In which countries is Naranja used?

Naranja is used in Argentina and supports the Argentine peso (ARS).

Why should merchants add Naranja?

By accepting payments from customers via Naranja, merchants are more likely to attract Argentinian shoppers and to successfully expand their businesses. Naranja has over 4 million customers in Argentina, offering a wide range of features to customers, from free transfers and mobile payments to loans and insurance products.

What are the key benefits of the Naranja payment method?

Naranja partners with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express to offer a smooth transaction process across the globe. The innovative technologies it employs enable money transactions over a secure channel. The product also offers customer-oriented services that provide a seamless experience with access to numerous promotions. Mobile payments are easy to complete via a handy mobile app.

How do merchants receive the money from their sales using Naranja?

When a consumer makes a payment using their card, the payment provider sends an authorization request to the issuing bank. If the payment is authorized, the acquirer sends this result to the payment provider, who then notifies the merchant accordingly. The merchant can then send the product or service to the customer, or request a capture. The provider will also send settlement details so that the acquirer can collect from the customer’s bank account. You instantly receive funds and payment reports including payment reference information for updating relevant orders.

On what date do businesses receive the money from sales through Naranja?

E-commerce businesses receive the money from sales paid for with a Naranja card almost instantly.