Analyzing PayU’s online payment platform

A recent report from Paladin looks at the key functionalities offered by PayU and other top payment vendors.

Security, convenience and trust are more critical than ever when it comes to ensuring successful online payments. As the evolution of the digital payment ecosystem continues to accelerate, driven by technological advancements and ever-changing checkout preferences, merchants have a variety of options when it comes to choosing the best payment vendor for their business.


Paladin’s recently launched 2022 Payment Systems Vendor Report provides detailed information about key industry payment vendors who offer a wide variety of different tools, features, and services to online merchants.

Industry snapshot to help merchants optimize business performance

Published by the industry experts at Paladin Fraud, in collaboration with Retail Payments Global Consulting (RPGC) Group, the consultancy firm specializing in global payments, and The Merchant Risk Council (MRC), the report highlights key details about leading payment solutions available on the market and key insights which are critical to managing payment infrastructure and improving customer purchasing experience.


The report includes relevant information on platform functionality, technical capabilities, customer service, pricing model and other key considerations which are top-of-mind for any merchant deliberating which payments approach is the best fit for their business.

PayU’s payment solution

As an innovator across the fintech spectrum, PayU leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our merchants benefit from the most sophisticated online payment capabilities. PayU’s payment solutions aim to offer the highest approval rates with the lowest possible fees, enabling merchants to expand their global reach, regardless of business size.


The challenges that PayU and its solution seek to solve for merchants include:

  • Improving overall approval rates
  • Reducing time to market and payment processing costs
  • Navigating cross-border expansion complexities
  • Realizing the full potential of key emerging markets across the globe
  • Enabling popular global and local payment methods for merchants, in sync with the market and customer needs
  • Reducing the complexity of integrating and technically managing multiple PSPs
  • Implementing smart routing strategies to maximize authorization approval rates and prevent unwanted transactions from entering the ecosystem
  • Token management without incurring additional PCI burden and costs
  • Data visibility and accessibility


To meet the needs of an increasingly global e-commerce landscape, PayU has also become a leading adopter of the latest fraud prevention and identity technologies to help merchants provide a safe and secure shopping environment for customers in any location.

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Each section of Paladin’s report features different providers of payment solutions technology within the online payment landscape.


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