How does PayU’s payment solution stack up?

PayU was recently featured alongside other top payment vendors in the 2022 Paladin payment vendor report. Download the report to learn more about the key features of PayU’s online payment platform.

Seamless, secure and efficient online payments have become a cornerstone of e-commerce growth and business optimization.


At PayU, we are constantly working to educate merchants and other e-commerce stakeholders about the importance of payment optimization, the essentials of payment security, and the benefits of having a global payment solution to manage everything under one roof.


With e-commerce continuing to grow in importance for most businesses, the stakes have never been higher for online payments.


That’s why we were pleased to take part in the recently launched Paladin Vendor Report | Payment Systems for 2022.


Keep reading to learn more about the report, which looks at the key features provided by leading solutions for online payments, and contains a dedicated section digging into the main features of PayU’s online payment offering.

Who are the leading payment solutions in 2022?

Paladin’s report, produced by Paladin Fraud in collaboration with Retail Payments Global Consulting (RPGC) Group, a global payments consultancy, and The Merchant Risk Council (MRC), highlights key details about payment offerings available on the market as well as insights that are critical when it comes to managing online payment infrastructure and improving the purchasing experience for customers.


Each vendor review offers pertinent information on technical capabilities and platform functionality as well as customer service, pricing model, and other essential elements that any merchant should consider when it comes to selecting a payment solution that is ideal for their business.

PayU payment solution

Through a dedicated approval rates team, projects and platform capabilities, PayU makes sure every merchant benefits from the highest possible approval rates and the lowest possible fees.


By using advanced configurable features to optimize payment traffic, merchants can save failed transactions, block unwanted transactions, and customize payment routing according to an extensive list of criteria, such as currency, card brand, country, or any custom data


PayU’s core payment optimization capabilities include the following:


  • A US-Patented Smart Routing Engine which allows merchants to create custom routing rules based on extensive criteria that directs payments to the most optimal processing location based on client needs and the payment provider’s performance.


  • The Instant Retry​ Feature, a core component of smart routing, enabling merchants to set up rules that instantly re-route a payment to another provider in the event that the payment is declined the first time, due to technical or financial reasons.


  • Dedicated Approval Rates Projects, including tailored strategies for the 3D Secure 2.0 payment protocol as part of broader PSD2 readiness efforts. Through leveraging merchants’ fraud data, close monitoring of transactions, dedicated reports, and close relations with banks, PayU is helping merchants to ensure optimal approval rates during the 3DS adoption stage.


  • MCC/ MID redirection, once again increasing payment approval rates by routing the transaction to the most appropriate MID to be processed by the network. Risk is evaluated in real time, based on the payer’s historical data.


  • A comprehensive Advanced Data Analytics & Reporting ​module. Based on report templates or custom reports which reflect merchant business or operational needs, PayU offers an advanced analytics and reporting module for analyzing payment traffic, monitoring approval rates and generating detailed reports – all from a single dashboard, regardless of the complexity of a business or the number of countries in which the merchant operates.


  • Anti-fraud management and 3D Secure support to help merchants stay compliant with industry regulations. As an industry expert in local and regional regulations, PayU offers best-in-class tools to fight fraud and separate legitimate from illegitimate transactions to help protect against data breaches and keep both merchants and customers secure.


  • The highest level of compliance and payment security measures. Through our global privacy program, PayU ensures the highest standards of privacy and data protection. As a PCI Level 1-certified payment processor, PayU furthermore combines industry-leading identity, fraud management, machine learning and AI-based tools to maintain frictionless payments.


  • The payment token management tool, which is compliant with the COF (Card on File) and MIT (Merchant Initiated Transaction) frameworks, uses a PCI Level 1-certified Omni-Token that ensures the flexibility of having a centralized card repository that can be used across payment providers, thus eliminating the burden and responsibility for merchants that comes with managing and storing cardholder data.

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