Everything you need to know about State Bank of India

What is State Bank of India, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

State Bank of India: Online banking system for customers in India

India’s e-commerce market is on the rise, growing steadily over the past decade and experiencing a peak during the Covid-19 pandemic. By 2030, the Indian e-commerce sector is expected to reach an annual Gross Merchandise Value of $350 billion. Many factors contribute to this trend: young demography, increasing internet and smartphone penetration, and good economic performance. More than 348 million people conduct online transactions in India, with nearly 140 million of them shopping online. No wonder so many consumers in this second-largest internet market worldwide turn to innovative payment methods such as digital wallets or net banking. Merchants looking to expand into this high-growth market need to implement local payment methods that customers in India prefer to use. One of them is the State Bank of India, an online banking solution used by millions of shoppers in the country.

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What is the State Bank of India payment method?

State Bank of India provides an online banking system that allows customers to quickly transfer funds online through the bank’s secure website. The primary benefit of this payment solution is its speed and ease of use. To complete a payment, customers need to authorize the bank transfer directly from their bank accounts in real time without having to use a credit card. That’s why the rapid payment solution allows for faster order processing and shipment, letting businesses to better serve their customers.

How does the State Bank of India work?

When a customer makes an online purchase, they can choose State Bank of India in the checkout. They will be redirected to the bank’s website, where they can enter their credentials and log into the banking platform. Once this step is complete, they can confirm the payment for the purchase. The merchant will receive the funds right away.

Why do merchants and consumers use the State Bank of India?

Payment security and infrastructure have improved in recent years, and consumers are increasingly turning to new payment methods, such as online banking. State Bank of India’s net banking service offers multiple benefits for both customers and merchants, including ease of use and security. By using this payment method, customers can shop online quickly and easily, as there’s no need to remember details or populate fields with data to make a transfer. Customers are eligible for cashback when paying through net banking. 


Merchants should consider implementing local payment methods to expand their business in India, which boasts one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world. State Bank of India’s fast and efficient net banking payment solution helps businesses to attract customers who are accustomed to using it in their daily lives.

How can I start accepting State Bank of India?

Merchants can use State Bank of India’s online transfer service easily if they choose to implement a payment gateway that includes this option. By partnering with a payment service provider that has global coverage and cost-efficient processing service, you can start accepting customer payments right away and boost the customer experience for higher conversion rates.

State Bank of India FAQs (4)

In which countries is the State Bank of India used?

State Bank of India is a payment method used in India, one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world.

What are the key benefits of the State Bank for business?

State Bank of India’s online transfer service offers merchants faster payment processing, improved security, and better infrastructure. It also helps businesses attract customers accustomed to using net banking daily. Additionally, customers can be eligible for cashback when paying through the State Bank of India’s net banking solution.

What makes State Bank an important payment method for online purchases in India?

State Bank of India’s fast and efficient net banking payment solution offers merchants a reliable and secure way to accept payments from customers in India. It helps businesses expand their customer base and offers customers an easy and convenient payment option. Additionally, the State Bank of India offers cashback rewards for online purchases. 

Does State Bank provide an API?

Yes, the State Bank of India offers an API for merchants to integrate their payment gateway with the bank’s online transfer service. This makes it easier for businesses to accept customer payments quickly and securely.