Everything you need to know about JAL Card

What is JAL Card, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

JAL Card: Local Japanese credit card offered through Japan Airlines

While the right mix of payment methods will always depend on the local market, in most developed markets credit and debit cards continue to be among the most popular online payment methods for e-commerce.


And while credit cards may not have the same level of local variation as BNPL offerings, e-wallets, and other alternative payment methods, many countries have popular local credit cards that merchants should know about when attempting to appeal to local consumer preferences.


JAL Card is a credit card and loyalty program offered by Japan Airlines, and one of the most popular payment methods for e-commerce in Japan. In addition to the physical JAL card, JAL Card also offers a mobile e-wallet.


Keep reading to learn more about JAL Card and how merchants selling in Japan can integrate this important local payment method.

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What is JAL Card?

Offered through Japan Airlines, JAL Card is used by consumers in Japan to make purchases and pay for services at business partners, as well as to accumulate reward points that can be exchanged for travel-related benefits like hotel stays and flights. Additionally, cardholders can benefit from a number of features like access to lounges and travel insurance. Anywhere that accepts Visa, Mastercard, or JCB cards also accepts the JAL Card.





How does JAL Card work?

When customers complete the checkout process and select a credit card as their payment method, they’re directed to the page where they can add their card details. Most of the time, it’s the card brand, cardholder’s name, card number, expiry date, and security code. After putting in all those details, customers can make an instant payment. 


The payment is first processed and approved, and the bank distributes the funds into the merchant account. Since money is transferred from the merchant account to the business account before the customer has paid their credit card bill, the merchant account covers those charges. 




Why do merchants and consumers use JAL Card?

JAL Card offers customers many benefits, including the ability to make payments online quickly and securely. It is also a popular card in Japan for accumulating travel points and other customer rewards.


Offering JAL Card in Japan is a smart move for merchants looking to expand their business operations to the Far East. Credit cards are commonly used in Japan for making purchases online, so any e-commerce store that operates in Japan can’t afford to ignore this payment method if it wants to succeed.




How can merchants start accepting JAL Card?

Ordinarily, merchants who want to accept JAL Card in their online store would need to open a merchant account with an acquiring bank that offers JAL as one of its accepted payment methods. The merchant acquiring bank acts as an intermediary between the business and the credit card company, facilitating the authentication of the payment and other technical aspects. 


However, there’s an easier way: any merchant who wants to accept JAL Card as a payment method in Japan can do so through a partnership with a global payment platform that offers JAL as one of the available payment methods. 

JAL Card FAQs (4)

In which countries is JAL Card used?

JAL Card is a popular local credit card and online payment method used in Japan, the third-largest e-commerce market in the world ranking behind only the United States and China.

What are the benefits of accepting JAL payments?

Offering JAL Card gives merchants in Japan a competitive edge over those who do not offer this popular local payment method. JAL offers customers the benefits of convenience, ease of use, and an efficient transaction process. Credit cards are commonly used for making purchases online in Japan, so any e-commerce store that operates in Japan should plan to offer JAL Card on its checkout page if it wants to succeed.

What makes JAL such an important payment method for online purchases?

JAL offers many benefits to its customers, including the ability to make payments online quickly and securely while accumulating travel points and other rewards. For merchants, JAL Card is an important payment method for reaching Japanese consumers.

What are the differences between JAL cards?

JAL offers two cards where one offers only a mileage function, while the other combines it with credit card functionality, shopping mileage, and exclusive bonus miles.