Everything you need to know about Millennium

What is Millennium, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Millennium: Easy bank transfers for customers in Poland

The global pandemic may have been a major impetus for Poland’s e-commerce growth, but it was not the only factor in the rapid spread of online shopping opportunities. Smartphone ownership and internet penetration increased over the years, leading to increased digital literacy that has driven e-commerce expenditure since then. Our report showed that 59% (12 million) of Poland’s 20.3 million internet users buy products and services online using their mobile phones. Modern Polish banks provide their clients with hassle-free, safe digital payment methods to address the new consumer demand for fast and convenient online payments. If you’re looking to expand your business operations to Poland, it’s worth getting to know them and picking the one that suits you best. Millennium is a popular choice among many Polish customers – here are the top reasons why.


What is Millennium?

Millennium is a bank transfer payment solution that allows customers to pay online using their own bank account. The key benefit of this payment method is that there’s no need to rewrite data or order transfers manually. All it takes to complete the payment is logging into the bank account and authorizing a predefined transfer order. The payment method offers a perfect balance between speed, convenience, and security provided by one of the top banking institutions in Poland. 

How does Millennium work?

Millennium customers can complete the checkout process and purchase products from online merchants who accept the bank’s online transfers. Customers who choose this option don’t need to provide any credit card information. All they need to do is log into the bank account and authorize a predefined transfer order. The bank confirms the transaction instantly. This payment method is efficient for merchants looking to ship orders quickly and for customers who may not have credit cards.

Why do merchants and consumers use Millennium?

The popularity of online shopping among Polish consumers has increased together with the development of the payment infrastructure to support it. While cash on delivery remains a popular method of paying for products, more and more customers in Poland are turning to digital payment methods. Most Millennium customers are younger people with higher education and income above the national average, living in medium and large cities. By using Millennium, they can pay online easily – even if they don’t have a credit card. No wonder instant and predefined bank transfers have gained so much popularity among local customers.

Millennium offers a fast and secure checkout experience, with customers able to confirm a predefined transfer form to complete their transactions. The smooth and hassle-free process streamlines customer experiences for e-commerce businesses and provides Polish customers with an option for paying with a local bank account they already know and trust. There’s no need for new accounts or passwords, as customers can use existing bank accounts and internet banking services.

How can I start accepting Millennium?

To use the Millennium online transfer payment method, you can partner with a payment service provider that includes this service in its payment gateway offering. Teaming up with a company that features international coverage and innovative features will enhance your online store’s checkout experience and encourage repeat business from local consumers.

Millennium FAQs (6)

In which countries is Millennium used?

Millennium is used in Poland, a country with a population of over 38 million that has shown a rapid rise in digital banking use and great enthusiasm for e-commerce.

What are the benefits of using Millennium as a payment method?

Millennium provides customers a fast, secure, and convenient way to pay online. There’s no need for additional accounts or passwords, as users can log into their bank account and authorise instant transfer orders. The payment method is also popular among Polish consumers who may need access to credit cards.

Is it easy to use the Millennium service for online payments?

Yes, it’s very easy. All you need to do is log into your bank account and confirm a predefined transfer order. The payment process is smooth and fast, and the transaction will be completed instantly.

Does using the Millennial transfer system require additional fees or charges from customers?

No, Millennium doesn’t charge customers any additional fees or charges. Merchants pay all costs associated with the payments.

Are there any security measures in place when using Millennium for online transactions?

Yes, Millennium uses the same security measures as conventional banking services. All transactions are encrypted and securely stored to provide customers with peace of mind that their payments are safe and secure.

Does Millenium integrate with other popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce?

Yes, Millennium is compatible with a wide range of e-commerce solutions. It can be integrated into existing systems and platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce.