Everything you need to know about Troy

What is Troy, how does it work, and how can merchants integrate this payment method into their e-commerce store?

Troy: Easy card payments for customers in Turkey

Turkey is an emerging e-commerce market that is rapidly expanding, registering an impressive sales growth of over 20% over the past few years. Turkish consumers increasingly use smartphones and social media to find and buy products online. The availability of physical, digital, and banking infrastructure helps the country to handle the rising levels of e-commerce activity. Our report showed that Turkey’s average citizen spends 7.5 hours per day online, with 92% of the country’s 83 million people owning a smartphone. Due to this widespread adoption and the prioritization of transaction speed and convenience, consumers have higher expectations when purchasing goods and services online.


Sited between Europe and Asia, Turkey has distinct features that make it markedly different from many other European e-commerce markets. Newcomers should pay attention to import rules, tariffs, and consumer habits in different regions of Turkey. The latter extends to payment methods local customers trust and prefer to use. One of them is a payment card solution called Troy.


What is Troy?

Troy is a Turkish card payment solution. More than 20 Turkish banks issue a range of debit, credit, and prepaid Troy cards that customers can use at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals, as well as Internet and mobile transactions. 

Moreover, Troy offers a service called GO – Güvenli Öde, which was designed to ensure transaction security in Internet and mobile shopping through authentication. All customers need to do is enter their Troy card number on the payment page and click “Purchase.” The system will then send a text message with a security code to their phone for a fast and seamless checkout experience.

How does Troy work?

When the customer is ready to complete their purchase at the checkout, they can choose various payment options. By choosing Troy as their payment method, they will be asked to add their Troy card number and confirm the purchase using a one-time PIN issued by their bank. The payment is made instantly, and merchants receive funds right away. 

Why do merchants and consumers use Troy?

Turkey’s eCommerce market is the 18th largest worldwide, contributing to the 15% growth rate registered in 2021. Turkey’s e-commerce market growth rate is expected to outpace the global average, making the country one of the most attractive destinations for merchants looking to expand internationally. Implementing Troy as one of the available payment methods is a smart move – local consumers know and trust the brand and are used to using Troy for making purchases online.

This aligns with the general trends in payments where card payments are considered to have a positive impact on sales figures. Many customers prefer to use them for convenience, and Troy’s easy authentication solution via code sent by SMS can only improve the checkout experience.

How can I start accepting Troy?

To accept Troy at your online store, use a payment gateway that offers this option. By partnering with a global payment service provider, you can expand your business locally and gain the trust of customers in Turkey by offering a payment method they trust and like to use.

Troy FAQs (7)

In which countries is Troy used?

Troy is used in Turkey, one of the largest and most rapidly expanding e-commerce markets in the world. Today, the Turkish e-commerce market is estimated to be worth $16.3 billion.

Why do merchants and consumers use Troy?

Merchants and consumers use Troy in Turkey because it provides a secure, fast, and convenient way to make payments online. The authentication process is quick and easy – customers enter their Troy card number on the payment page and confirm their purchase using a one-time PIN sent to their phone. Additionally, local customers know and trust the brand, so offering Troy as a payment option gives merchants access to this increasingly important market.

What banks issue a range of debit, credit, and prepaid cards with the Troy system?

More than 20 Turkish banks issue Troy cards, including Garanti Bankası, Akbank, İş Bankası, Yapı Kredi Bankası, and many others.

Are any fees associated with using the payment gateway for payments made via Troy?

Most payment gateway providers charge a transaction fee for payments made via Troy. It is best to check with your chosen provider directly to get the most up-to-date information on fees.

Is it possible to use multiple currencies when paying with Troy cards online?

Yes, depending on the payment gateway provider you use, you can accept payments in multiple currencies. It is best to check with your chosen provider directly for more information.

How secure is the transaction process in using TROY as an eCommerce payment solution?

Troy is a secure payment method that uses the latest security technologies to protect customers’ data and confidential information. The authentication process also ensures that only legitimate cardholders can make payments online. Additionally, Troy complies with all relevant data protection regulations and consumer rights.

Can all types of businesses start accepting payments through TROY Payments Gateway easily?

Yes, merchants of all sizes can benefit from using TROY Payments Gateway. The process is fast and simple, and the gateway offers a wide range of features designed to make online payments easier for both customers and merchants. Additionally, it provides access to various local payment methods that could give businesses an edge when expanding their reach into the local market.