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Bringing innovative credit services to high growth markets

Our market-leading technology opens access to credit in underserved regions around the world

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Products and services for local businesses and people

We tailor our approach to meet the needs of our customers wherever they are in the world

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Improving economies with digital financial services

PayU delivers innovative credit services that meet and exceed industry standards for security and privacy

We believe in the potential of technology to unlock credit and financial services for underserved consumers and small businesses

PayU specialises in credit products and services for emerging markets across the globe.

We are dedicated to removing risks to merchants, allowing consumers to use credit in ways that suit them and enabling a greater number of global citizens to access credit services.

Emerging, high growth markets typically lack widespread access to credit. This stifles economic growth and opportunity.

PayU focuses on delivering innovative fintech solutions. We connect consumers and businesses, improving access to credit in markets such as India and Africa.

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How the PayU Credit model is being built