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PayU Hub provides a complete solution to
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Our payments philosophy

What sets PayU’s payments services apart from others?

What sets PayU’s payments services apart from others?

  • At PayU we have a strong heritage and track record in payments in high growth markets, covering a potential customer base of 2.3 billion people who are currently underserved by financial services.
  • Our local teams offer insight into the specific needs of each region, while the expertise from our high-growth companies and PayU’s technology allows us global reach.
  • As the fintech and payments division of Naspers, one of the largest technology investors in the world, PayU has the ability to invest in markets with long-term growth potential.
How does new technology help to build PayU’s payments service?

How does new technology help to build PayU’s payments service?

  • Advanced technology and a globally distributed architecture, powered by ZOOZ, ensures our PayU Hub is extremely reliable, scalable and can handle cross-border payments. This is all central to our global payments ambitions.
  • Built using ‘API first’ design principles, the PayU Hub allows merchants to future-proof their businesses, offering the ability to plug in additional services.
  • We are also actively building an in-house data science team to utilise Machine Learning; informing our algorithms and improving our services through our global network of data. 
How does PayU offer the best reach and conversion in high growth markets?

How does PayU offer the best reach and conversion in high growth markets?

  • Operating across 18 markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, we offer 350 different payment methods. 
  • We have more than 1,800 payments specialists based in our local markets, providing unique knowledge and expertise of local payments habits and preferences. 
How many markets does PayU operate in?

How many markets does PayU operate in?

PayU operates in 18 high-growth markets globally. Gain insights on consumer preferences, payment method share and other local knowledge to increase your business.

Learn more about the 18 PayU markets here.

The benefits of local payment processing

We offer local payment processing in each of our markets by having hyper-local and direct connections to the acquiring banks and alternative payment methods. Local processing provides multiple benefits for you and your customers.

How the PayU Hub can help your business

The PayU Hub is the solution for global borderless online payments. The product will continue to evolve to offer merchants added features to maximise their online revenues throughout key high growth markets around the world. With a single API integration to the Hub, merchants are able to start processing local payments in 18 markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

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Seamless hyper-local connection

Use the cutting-edge API integration to quickly and easily connect to local processing and payment methods in all PayU markets.

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Local currency processing

Settle in domestic and foreign currencies locally and internationally. PayU supports 20+ transaction and payout currencies.

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Ability to adapt to local payment preferences

Offer 300+ international and local payment methods to adapt to the payment preferences of local buyers.

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Secure transaction processing

Feel secure because of our PCI DSS Level 1 Certified processing platforms, card tokenization and local fraud prevention tools.

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Scalable for tomorrow’s demand

The platform uses a future-proof scalable SaaS infrastructure to meet your growth needs.

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Data privacy storage compliant

As data privacy storage regulations have been implemented in cmany countries, the globally distributed architecture of the PayU Hub ensures compliance with such local regulations.

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PayU Hub Developers

With a single API integration, merchants can access 17 high growth markets, over 250 local payment methods and 2.3 billion consumers via the PayU Hub. 

Visit the PayU Hub Developers site to get the technical inforamtion necessary to test with the sandbox, review local market integration requirements and complete the integration to start receiving local payments in one or all of the PayU markets. 

Visit PayU Hub Developers

Partner with us

If you are looking to enrich your payments’ offering in high growth markets or you cooperate with merchants looking for payment solutions PayU Partner Program is for you.

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