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Grow your business in the flourishing Polish economy

Offering locally preferred payment methods helps boost online sales. 

Poland is one of the strongest performing economies in Central Europe, with a booming e-commerce growth of 25% annually. Today, around 67% of the Polish population has access to the Internet, of which 54% shop online on a weekly basis. This number is expected to rise over the next few years due to increasing consumer confidence in secure online payment methods.

There are a few key market trends to keep in mind about the Polish market. In 2016, Poland experienced a 45% growth in cross-border e-commerce, mainly due to limited product selection from local retailers. Global merchants offering lower prices on cross-border purchases was another significant reason for this advancement.

In light of this growth, merchants wanting to capitalize on the fruitful Polish e-commerce market should consider processing locally to boost their online sales by offering local payment processing methods. PayU supports a range of supplementary traditional and alternative online payment methods, including online credit cards, electronic and bank transfers, thus, leading to a safe and hassle-free payment environment.

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The most commonly used payment method in Poland are online bank transfers, which is three times as popular as paying by credit or debit card. PayU’s data shows that over 80% of the transactions are made using Pay-by-Link (PBLs) bank transfers, allowing consumers to easily log into their bank account and receive a one-time verification code to complete their purchase.

Credit has become an important payment option in Poland, providing merchants with a unique competitive edge, subsequently allowing up to a 15% increase in sales through access to more buyers, increased basket values and therefore greater conversions. The collaboration between PayU and Kreditech makes two credit options at the Point Of Sales available to consumers in Poland – Installments (PayU Raty) and ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (PayU Płacę Później).

Installments are especially powerful for high-ticket items, enabling consumers to increase their buying power at the Point Of Sale by spreading their purchases out into affordable monthly instalments. ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ greatly empowers consumers to make instant low-ticket purchases, usually on mobile devices, with the possibility to pay at a later date. The customer has 30 days to make the payment at no additional cost.

With 15 years of experience in the Polish market, PayU fully understands the challenges and opportunities this fast-paced market has to offer. Cross-border e-commerce growth is primarily motivated by prices, quality and availability of goods, meanwhile showing no signs of slowing down. Through PayU, global merchants have access to local payment processing, including all the preferred alternative payment options giving them an upper hand in reaching the entire Polish market.

Payment Methods Available in Poland With PayU

Credit and Debit Cards

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Accept payments with Maestro Cards through PayU

Bank Transfers (including PBLs) 
Over 20 banks in total

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Alternative Payment Methods

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