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Leverage your business opportunities in Romania’s thriving market

Romania is Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce market, revealing a plethora of opportunities for global merchants.

Romania, stands as the fastest evolving e-commerce market in South-eastern Europe, having experienced an impressive 30% growth in 2016. Such growth is twice as much as the European average. The e-tail market was worth €1.8 billion in 2016 and is expected to be worth approximately $6 billion by 2020.

With the world’s fifth best internet connection speed, hand-in-hand with a surge in smartphone penetration and usage, e-commerce growth in Romania will continue to witness an upward trend in the coming years. As the general economic status endures stability, over the previous two years, Romanian online shoppers are more confident in spending higher value transactions in return for superior quality products from foreign e-commerce merchants.

Taking such faultless growth into consideration along with Romanian online shopper’s boldness towards online payments, sets a concrete footing for great e-commerce potential within the country. PayU implements a wide range of traditional and alternative online payment methods such as credit cards, installment cards, iTransfers and ZebraPay, ultimately contributing to a value-added yet convenient payment setting. 

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Romania’s innovative payment solutions largely reflect its successful e-commerce boom. Resultantly, it is considered the fastest growing market for card payments in Eastern Europe, which is greatly influenced by overall country-wide education on the convenience revolving electronic online payment methods. The popularity of card payments essentially stems from the ability to pay for online purchases in installments at no additional costs (0% interest). Such online payment solutions are only accessible through local credit card schemes such as Card Avantaj, BCR and BRD.

iTransfer is a Romania-specific bank transfer method, through which customers are directed to their personal banking site. Simply by signing in and confirming the payment with a unique security code provides an instantaneous yet highly secure online payment solution. Additionally, cash payments greatly empower the unbanked population, in rural as well as urban areas within Romania. ZebraPay is a simplistic yet convenient self-service cash payment service through which transactions can be completed at over 350 locations within the country.

As a leading payment service provider for the past 13 years, PayU has a vested heritage in Romania. Fully perceiving the opportunities and intricacies of the Romanian market enables PayU to offer 16 online payment methods, including alternative payment methods that best fit the local buyers’ preferences. Simultaneously, provision of secure payments through in-house fraud prevention tools ensure the highest potential for success in the market.

Payment Methods Available in Romania With PayU

Credit and Debit Cards 

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Accept payments with Maestro Cards through PayU

Instalment Cards 

Card Avantaj
Alpha Bank
Garanti Bonus
Star Card

Alternative Payment Methods 

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