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Online opportunities in one of Africa's most attractive markets

E-commerce is taking off in light of being the most digitally advanced economies on the continent. 

South Africa has made considerable progress toward improving quality of living ever since its transition to democracy in the mid-1990s. E-commerce is making steady progress with projected growth to over $4M by 2018, at a 15% rate through 2021. This immense potential for e-commerce is backed by internet penetration of 53% that is expected to go beyond 60% by 2021, and a growth in mobile users of over 65%. In light of such trends, the Digital Evolution Index developed by MasterCard, rates South Africa as the most developed digital economy in Africa, and one of the fastest growing in the world.

To support such trends, wide-spread shopping apps and an abundance of shopping websites have emerged. Subsequently, South African consumers are increasingly shopping online due to the awareness of the convenience, safety and reliability offered. In 2018, TTV (total transaction value) in the digital payments segment in South Africa is expected to amount to whopping $3M.  Additionally, recent reports show that in 2018, South African online spend is predicted to exceed $4M, and it’s interesting to see that 41% of this value comes from cross-border E-Commerce - mostly from the USA and UK. Until 2021 we will observe a steady progress for ecommerce that moves beyond current trends of fashion and electronics and grows to be an everyday convenience practice.

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South Africa is observing a swift shift from cash usage towards growth in electronic payments thanks to internationally established payment methods, as well as disruptive local players. Meanwhile, credit and debit cards are the most preferred online payment methods, however South Africans also largely use a variety of alternative online payment methods. PayU enables merchants to accept Visa and Mastercard payments irrespective of the location the cards have been issued in.

Debit card users have an option to complete an EFT payment (electronic funds transfer) in case the payment gateway does not support debit cards. This is carried out using the customer’s personal internet banking site. PayU supports all South African banks and, therefore, greatly empowers customers without credit card solutions.

Additionally, PayU has forged partnerships with Mobicred, a consumer credit provider, which means consumers can purchase via credit from merchants through their Mobicred credit facility.

PayU’s deep local understanding of  the difficulties as well as the abundant opportunities to be attained within the South African market. The the South African market is experiencing exponential growth in light of a growing middle class and expanding internet access. Enabling alternative payment methods, along with ensuring secure transactions, allows merchants to easily expand within this prolific market.


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